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Sink or swim? Portrait of a property buyer The first type is conventionally called a "loser." "Losers" – these are real estate agents who have been unlucky in the sense that they have developed their coveted square footage on the peak in prices and even in credit. What were these prices? By the fall of 2008 on the secondary market studio apartment in a residential area was a metropolis of about 50-60 thousand USD, one-bedroom – about 60-90 thousand USD for three-sellers asked tys.u.e. 90-120 depending on the age of the house, layout and condition of the apartment. To date, type of buyer was described in the most disadvantaged: first, for the acquired property paid overcharge and morally difficult to realize that almost half the amount spent on the purchase could be saved, and secondly, is implemented on the acquired property expended original cost at the moment not to be may, as prices have fallen by almost half compared with September 2008, in the third, the rapid growth of the U.S. dollar (and the bulk of loans were issued in that currency) automatically, based on national currency become more expensive and the body of the loan and interest paid to bank for him. In all of this yet, "losers" in a win. They got a mortgage banking! After all, most banks today either do not do loans, or loans under the "barbaric" high interest rates. "Loser," though overpaid for the purchased property in relation to prices for similar housing to date, and received an additional rise in the burden bank loan, but they still bought their own homes and spared from having to bear the expenses for his rent.

Features Of Repair In The Bathroom

Repairs in the bathroom is somewhat different from other repair facilities. Mostly this is due to the peculiarities of the bathroom – adverse external factors (humidity, frequent temperature swings) adversely affect the finishing materials, especially if they do not have protective qualities. Before starting work, you must draw up a detailed plan of repair and finishing activities, which will allow you to avoid various unpleasant incidents in advance to exclude the possibility of various defects. Try to adhere strictly to the schedule of the robot, do not allow violations and breaches of technology of repair, otherwise, you risk receive poor quality repairs, which will remodel soon. Need to realize that after all the repair and finishing activities in the bathroom, the room must be not only externally beautiful, but also have high functionality and practicality of use.

Try as you should consider the location of furniture, accessories and other items of comfort that will help you staying focused on anything, enjoy water treatments. If you are unsure of their abilities, skills, repair, or have decided to produce a full range of repairs, then you can not do without a professional repair team, which not only significantly speed up the process of Restoration of your bathroom, but also give a guarantee on their work, which you can not be afraid of the peeling tiles or unexpected plumbing leaks. By the way, a little bit about Plumbing. If you're going to completely transform your bathroom, to raise the comfort level, and just to cheer yourself up, being in the bathroom, you should seriously consider the selection of plumbing. To date, namely plumbing from manufacturers in Germany, Sweden and Finland has the qualities that are inherent in a modern, functional and practical equipment for the bathroom. Whatever it was, repairs in the bathroom not a common thing and its implementation should be taken very carefully. rce throughout. Complete the replacement of water pipes, electrical wiring, finishing, finishing work, carefully inspect the results of your work and, if found any deficiencies or marriage to work, immediately remove it – this will help you avoid various troubles in the future.

How To Organize The Bathroom

Construction of new houses or repair existing should bring joy and satisfaction. But, alas, this is usually not the case: such projects require the application of considerable effort, because you have to remember every detail, negotiating with architect, contractor and subcontractors, and spend lots of time to the house was exactly the way it wants to see. Those who are willing to overcome all these obstacles, definitely deserve a spot where you can relax in privacy. To do this, and it is useful luxurious bath! Plumbing first step is to determine what equipment is necessary for maximum comfort. Room for relaxation is impossible without Jacuzzi or whirlpool bath, though it may cost five to ten times more expensive than usual and seem a waste of money. Arriving home at the end of a busy day and spending half an hour in this bath, you feel like melting stress and fatigue, and immediately agree that it's worth it.

Before buying you need to determine the desired size and number of nozzles baths, as well as the need for heating function. If the room is enough space, it would be good put the bath in an alcove or on a small platform so that it stood out environment. * Are often found in luxury bathrooms and showers. Usually, their veneer of ceramic tiles, but there may be options for finishing natural stone, marble or glass. Some are mounted in the ceiling of shower heads with the effect of a waterfall or jets along the side walls of the cabin.

Expanding The Bathroom. Visually .

Huge bathroom with a window in the wall, stylish couches and a view onto the terrace with a Japanese rock garden for the vast majority of us yet an impossible dream. But in the harsh urban environment we often have a 'black square '. And even a relatively large bathroom is never large enough to implement all plans. Thus, the 'kingdom is not enough, nowhere to roam, "as saying everyone knows her stepmother from a fairy tale 'Cinderella'. And at the expense of its neighbors are not expanded – prevents chief wall.

And maybe try to solve the problem, sought a domestic reserves, visually expand the space that surrounds us? Maybe we should make missing square footage at least virtually, simply by creating visibility? You should start with the layout of the room layout in order to dispose of correctly that is. Development of advanced systems installation allows accommodate all plumbing items not on their usual places, as well as we need, which will gain if not meters, then at least several tens of centimeters. And the visual space to unload. For example, it is very advantageous is a variant of the angular placement not only bath and shower, and sink or toilet. If there is a technical possibility, a bath or shower can be totally or partially drowned in a niche. If the plumbing reserves space is not as great as we would like, you can easily save and then by selecting a specially designed for small bathrooms mini-plumbing, occupies much less space than usual.

Modern Bathroom Furniture

With regard to furniture design, it appears virtually all styles, from bombastic Empire and ending with Pop Art. On the creative range bathroom practiced the most daring ideas. However, still elegant and sterile brilliant minimalism, clean lines and the severity of which ennoble any room. His oriental species characterized by its numerous geometrical forms, embodied in the artificial marble, stone and acrylic plastic. Futuristic same design patterns and draws inspiration from avtokonyushnyah Ferrari. The antithesis of this approach is the fascination with the aesthetics in the spirit of country music and Provence, where there is healing warmth of wood and solid respectability of natural stone. Another trend is resilient – the style of 60-ies.

Fashion dictates that time, rounded shapes, bright colors, as well as the eternal opposition of black and white. Mostly specialized salons and shops selling collections from Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. We must admit that with all the richness of choice of Italian products renowned for extremely high prices. Alas, such a great combination of design and quality is really worth it.