Lucius Night

Lucio account that existed after a black man who in addition embadurnaba with coal and butter and left the night naked to stalk the most beautiful ladies of the people and violated them. Every day, from six in the evening, girls were locked in their homes for fear that he acechara them. Lucio stole also the cauldrons and pots of houses. The people, tired of the situation, was assembled in crews to grab to Lucio but proved that he was one that was leading the crews, logically that night not found him, in fact, himself said: leave it still not coming that night. Nobel Laureate in Economics wanted to know more. A lady called Dona Pura Garcia, which was witch, agreed to do a prayer for grasping, disguised himself, painted the black arms and legs and put a white coat. Dona Pura Garcia, who liked to take their drinks, invited Lucius to take ron and they drunk in the hut of it staying asleep after making love.

Suddenly became a neighbor that is looked and discovered them. In a short time the news that Lucio had stalked to the Dona was watered by the region and was as well as Lucio was punished and taken to jail to answer for all his misdeeds. Mommy talks about the appearance of a Virgin living in home Silvia Rua, three days after having given birth in 1912. According to legend, Miss Rua saw clarity in her room and waking up glimpsed the image of his mother dead in the lintel of the door of the room. My daughter said – do not be afraid for the clarity, I am your mother, I have come to bring you a Virgin, so take care of you, you save, and be with you, until you die. The light disappeared and appeared in the night table, a bustico of the Virgen de la Candelaria.

The news was watered throughout the village, becoming a shrine of the Virgin Mary House and site of pilgrimages of tens of people looking for health for his own. The bust of the Virgin was brought before the cure of the population and it was blessed by this after celebrating a mass in honour to the Virgin Mary. The Mojana La Mojana legend is a tiny woman, so long, golden hair arriving up refried feet. He lives in a stone house built under water, where various domestic animals breeding and where bathing with a gold totuma. Before he was frequently by the Hill of Juanche, where it was very easy to perceive their tracks after the downpours. Kidnaps the children that are going to bathe in their domains and it takes them to his underwater abode. To avoid the action of the Mojana on children, it is necessary to secure them a special, both in the neck and at the waist cord. Omens flip the broom: when there is an unwanted visit flips a broom and gets behind the door so that the person will soon be. When he sings an OWL near a residence announces a certain death. The visit of a black Butterfly in a housing Announces death. Who kills a cat has seven years of bad luck. Dream of marriage and see face the bride is ominous. On 31 December he gets under the bed a handful lentils and rice for which never lacking food. The 13 Tuesday of any month should not go below stairs.