Residential Property

To make a residential change is an important super step in the life of any person. Many people are each day more making a residential change for places with much paisagismo for one better contact with the nature. If you are one of these people and intend to make a residential change for a property that you can have a better contact with the nature, you confer some information that with certainty to interest will go you. The fashion now is paisagismo fact that the more demanding customers are each time in the hour to make a residential change for a property. The external areas have deserved have very detached in a residential change, therefore the inhabitants are searching one better quality of life. The paisagismo if has become a basic item in the perception of value on the part of the purchasers.

The search of property with external areas grew about 50% in the year of 2008, this percentage alone has grown since then. The paisagismo is, today, the business card of the property, and turned currency business in the hour of the sales, being able to be even though a decisive super factor in the closing of a contract. The paisagismo is present mainly, in the condominium of apartments and is being each elaborated time more, beyond the vegetation, is possible to find, swimming pools, cascades, orchards, spaces gourmets, vertical tracks of Cooper, gardens, playgrounds, and plus a mount of other options that become the much more attractive enterprises. The Projects of illumination and irrigation also have been very used to add more value to these spaces, supplying much function, security and economy. A good project of paisagismo can foresee the localization of all the spaces desired for the inhabitants, respecting its necessities. The paisagismo must be enclosed in the investment spread sheet since the initial phase. A project of planned and well executed paisagismo can foresee, in some areas, the plantation of bigger changes in areas of great prominence and appeals appearance.

International Investors

Brazil very walks being valued for the sale-and-leaseback of commercial property. Many international investors are buying and renting immovable in Brazil for a commercial change of its businesses. A research made for the Association of International Investors of Property showed that the foreign investors are very interested in buying this way immovable, to bring its companies and to make an international change here. Brazil alone loses for the United States, in question of attractiveness in the property. Brazil is the ball of vezPara some international investors, Brazil is as better market for businesses of the world, being behind only of the United States, is therefore that currently many companies are making a commercial change for the Brasil.O Brazil went up 10 positions in ranking and took by China as the place in the preference of international investors. The United States still have the biggest market for the habitation of the world, although the economic tumult faced by the country in 2008 and of the painful impact of the crisis of credit on the commercial property.

The United kingdom is very not looked for a commercial change, therefore the cost of a commercial property for is very high there, for this reason is not all the investors who search the United kingdom as destination for its businesses. One of the main reasons it Brazil to be one of the main countries chosen for the investors to make a commercial change is on account of the price of the property. A commercial property in Brazil leaves what much more cheap in other spread places around of the world, and although Brazil to be considered a country of third world, one of the main commercial metropolises of the world is in Brazil. So Paulo is the sixth bigger city of the planet and is a place that very walks attracting the international investors, therefore is a city that offers good conditions for investments.