Old Plumbing

And if the mother raises the child alone, then this simple sanitary problem becomes a real problem. Following current trends, the owners of apartments want to make unusual interior design bathroom with a beautiful and comfortable fittings equipment. Choosing the right materials and plumbing for a bathroom renovation – an important stage of plumbing work, but often the landlord for the sake of fashion trends is trying to accommodate plumbing, contrary to the laws of physics. Do not follow rules and not knowing the features can be a beautiful brand new bathroom to get ugly now, when the discharge from the toilet instead of the flow enters the whirlpool bath. Adage that 'miser pays twice' always confirmed. If the dripping faucet in the kitchen, the people accept this can lead to loss of money and health.

People resigned sayings for a reason. If you have installed the counters, the financial loss necessarily waiting for you. Call plumbing in this case would be the best solution, as to replace the current tap in the kitchen can not every housewife. Standard replacement toilet, much less replacement of sewer pipes, can cause certain complexity, if the old plumbing is in the same old house. When dismantling the toilet in older homes significantly increases the risk of failure of pipes and valves, so it is important cautious and careful removal of the subject interior. Installation of plastic pipes do not require welding. These tubes are for the life of the coating is not covered, but they are very easy to install, which explains the high demand for this product. Producer composite tubes guarantees a long lifetime of this type of pipe, but it's worth noting that the statistics of metal pipes yet. Plumbing – the most complex and expensive work. Constantly have to remember that any bugs incompetent plumber can result in loss of time, nerves and money. Do not make hasty decisions, please contact the company 'service plumbing' in Kiev!

Tenant Rights

At the same tenant as a temporary holder of the rights of property may carry out agreed with the landlord changes the material nature of the leased land, and the last owner reserves the right to dispose of leased land (and the right to sell) – with the encumbrance of the right lease. Private owners rent land for lease is generally based on market conditions stipulated in the definition of market value. In this case, by order of the transaction party appraiser determines the market the cost of "goods" (rights of use and ownership) to be transferred from a "seller" (landlord) "buyer" (the lessee), expressed in monetary amounts payable for periods – in years or months (depending on the conditions of contract) during the time of the contract. This means that the appraiser determines the market rate of rent (annual or monthly) as the market value of use rights and ownership of land (within a year or months, respectively). Thus, in this case, the object of evaluation is a package of rights of use and possession of (or only the right to use) the leased site, and the result (goal) of (the subject of evaluation activity) is the rental rate. Attention is drawn to the objection 2 to the proposal considered in this case by the evaluation service "provision of the property for payment for temporary possession and use of or temporary use. " In fact, the definition of the concept of service represented in the list of the concepts of intangible assets as evaluation sites (see 3), it follows that "service – an activity whose results are not material expression, and are used to meet the needs of entities or persons in the implementation of this activity.

Suburban Housing Market Operator

– How would you describe the situation in the housing market of Moscow and St. Petersburg? What objects in demand customers? – And in Moscow and St. Petersburg at the same time there is a realization of deferred demand, taking shape in 2008 year. The number of transactions, prices have stabilized for the surcharges have become more involved mortgages. There has been a positive price adjustment in the lower price segment. Over time this will lead to higher prices and more expensive apartments sold in the course of alternative transactions. The similarity of the two markets is also manifested in the fact that now the most active customers, improve their living conditions, rather than those who guided by an investment interest.

– How do these factors affect the conduct of long-distance transactions? – Transactions with the housing between the two capitals occur regularly and did not stop even during the crisis. In carrying out their "MIEL-Brokerage" cooperate with the corporation "Adveks. Real Estate. " Cooperation debugged within the same company and within a few years. One-way traffic "in Moscow," today there is, after the crisis has become more customers, selling real estate in Moscow, to purchase a house in St. Petersburg. Incipient price increases led to reluctance of participants to break the chain of exchange in a washout of the cheapest offers. Purchase must immediately after the sale of 80% of cases.

Prior to the crisis in the inter-regional trade was a large share of investment purchases, and sometimes it reached 50%. Today, people realize the plans to improve housing conditions. – Who are your customers today, to move from one capital to another? – Quite a few customers trying to purchase a house in Moscow within the proceeds from the sale of housing in St. Petersburg amount without attracting borrowed funds to supplement, or using them to minimum. In this case, customers get a smaller flat or square footage in less prestigious, because the price difference is around 40-50%, in Moscow square meters of housing costs on average 150 thousand rubles., In St. Petersburg – 80 thousand rubles. If there is a need to move to Moscow, and the family structure does not allow to reduce the living space, solution could be to purchase houses in the Moscow suburbs. The prices for housing in full compliance St. Petersburg, on the part of infrastructure and transport links nearby satellite towns are not inferior to the outlying areas of Moscow, and the quality of housing often surpass them. In the suburbs, mostly being built luxury housing, monolith-brick, with modern planning and adequate areas of apartments. There are options when a person is fully assimilated in Moscow and sells abandoned when something "just in case 'apartment in St. Petersburg, to improve his Moscow home. There are certainly people that are configured primarily to comply with certain criteria for new housing, but do not meet the specified budget purchase, but they are fewer. During the period of rising prices buyers are not afraid to borrow the difference. Loyalty terms of bank lending to allow focus not only on available funds as on preferences – on consumer characteristics, on the site. Today mortgage terms offered by banks, tend to pre-crisis indicators, and the number of mortgage deals is increasing. Read more …