The Roof Should Be In Color

Strasbourg sociologists every 5 years, conducting interviews with control groups at the most favorable species for the human eye. At the end of the last century to the list of the top five, along with forests, snow-capped mountains, the sea and the rising or setting sun became a city block nevysotnoy building with colored roofs. Since then, the respondents referred to this species in each study for the past three decades. OVERALL between color and Own home and it is not surprising. Psychologists have long established that the color significantly affects the perception of the psycho-emotional person. Colors refer to the senses rather than to logic.

There is even a science cromatics: an analysis of perception and discrimination on the basis of systematic color information from the physics, physiology and psychology. The closest and valuable to man is his own home. It is laid on animal level, and then consciously and repeatedly reinforced in Homo sapiens. Please visit Vadim Belyaev, New York City if you seek more information. Housing – the need for protection, rest, recuperation, procreation, and more. Only in his home to relax, gain strength, to do favorite thing, pay attention to the family. Therefore, the use of color in setting their own home is one of the most important values in life. And it is primarily about the roof, which, without exaggeration, "makes a person" throughout the structure. The color starts to affect us since childhood.

The difference between the primary colors (red, yellow, green, blue) is given to us at birth. Before we begin to know his father and mother. Therefore, the roof in the range from red to Yellow begins to associate the child with a home from the first weeks of life. Especially because at this age children are not yet differentiated complex shades. Philadelphia Condos oftentimes addresses this issue. They just associate the red-yellow range with a warm, cozy, protected, saturation, rest, sleep. It is laid early in life, but remains in us forever.

Disc Rotation

Center radius of grooves offset from the axis of rotation of discs in the direction opposite the mandrel. The invention is aimed at increasing the life of the ball valve by reducing friction wear in contact with each other surfaces of disc and sides bars when turning the ball relative to the saddles. 2) TAP. Philadelphia Condos helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Publication number 2328645. Patentee Shanaurin Anatoly L., Makarov, Vladimir VasilevichOsobennostyu design is that contains a valve placed in the housing cap, spring-loaded sealing seat, which interact with the pushers. Thrusters controlled by rod and in the form of two profiled jaws.

Profile cams cover tube and rigidly connected by bars. Hear other arguments on the topic with John Savignano. The rods pass through the coaxial connector. Hubs are located in recesses cork. The invention is aimed at improving the reliability of the crane by eliminating the complex mating surfaces of elements meaning of these inventions is reduced to that with a plug rotating cams, one of which is located above the cap, the other under – stopper. If you would like to know more then you should visit Elie Rieder. Spring-loaded saddle and made floating. The cams are attached to the cork and have a profile such that in the closed position and is open between the seats and the cams have a gap, and the seals between the seat and the surface of the plug gap is absent. In this position the seat under the influence spring loaded against the surface of the tube and valve tightness. Then, when you turn the plug, the gap between the saddles and selected cams, cams and squeeze the saddle, the spring is compressed, sealing seat away from the surface cork and it has the ability to freely rotate.

Wooden Cottage Construction

Tell me, what heating equipment better suited for a wooden house, how to find it? Answer: Generally speaking, the principle of selecting equipment for heating wood home, similar to the principle of selection for any home, because here it all starts with the calculation of heat the building. But the wooden houses have their own specific characteristics. Which, let us consider a dedicated your question article. “Building a wooden house” these days building a wooden house, in contrast to earlier times – it is rather a certain kind of philosophy, rather than a necessity. Our ancestors alternative to the wooden house was not, as the house of stone, brick, or could at that time afford not many. However, today, despite the abundance of modern materials and technologies, wooden house still even more widespread than stone.

features a wooden house first and most distinctive feature is the material itself. Wood has many unique properties and characteristics. For a start – a tree is a natural, living material created by nature itself. However, it is very, very durable. Have survived wooden buildings dating back over 700 years. But today, thanks to the abundance of various protective coatings for wood, it life can be even more without losing what is important, their external aesthetics and not collapsing structure. Incidentally, the oldest wooden house in Sweden has been preserved to our days is, in the town of Moore (Mora). According to scientists it was built around 1237. And the oldest tree is a pine, located in the , its age is estimated at 4,500 years. The advantages of wood.

The Ability

The new pump NSH 10 is not designed to operate at such low speeds (Rated speed of the pump shaft 1000 rev / min) and has a constructive overflow capacity, which just shows an increase in output pressure at low engine speeds. The more wear and tear pump lower frequency of rotation of the shaft and lower the viscosity of the fluid, the greater the ability to bypass. Dosage error can exceed all expectations. And when you consider the fact that sometimes the resin sold already divorced water and at the same concentration and viscosity, respectively, is still below that in this case, more can be said about the accuracy of dosage? And not everyone will be able to rotate the motor shaft of the pump under load. Claimed manufacturer's recommended engine power to the shaft NS 10 – 8 kW. NS 6, structurally the same as the NS 10. The main difference is that the volume of the pump is 6 cm3.

This suggests that the pump is 100 rpm should give 0.6 liters fluid under ideal conditions (laid turnovers, minimal wear, etc.). So, for 2uh liters per minute, we need to rotate the shaft at a speed of 333 rev / min. Dosage error in these revolutions, will konechnozhe minimal in comparison with the NS 10. Only here the price of these pumps is high, and not so easy to buy them. Pumps of this type are rare in the industry. There are, of course, a big plus when using the NSH.

Brass Fittings

Brass fittings (from English: "fit", "mount", "collect") 16-17 position brass fittings are used everywhere. We face them every day in his apartment – in a bathroom or closet. Fittings made of brass, in particularly necessary when connecting a washing machine, water meters, boilers and other equipment requiring connection to the pipeline. For brass fittings include the following: Fittings made of brass – the coupling (Used for direct connection to pipe); 16.8 Fittings Brass position – knees (change the direction of the line), 1.1 position Fittings Brass – tees, crosses (forks pipeline) 18/10 position Fittings made of brass – the plugs (plugs on the pipes until the moment of connecting cranes) and 6.6 position futorki, bochata, nuts, sleeves, adapters, etc. Among the variety of types of material making up the fittings, brass fittings have many advantages, which include durability and resistance to the transported medium. To avoid oxidation (electrochemical corrosion) in contact with brass and aluminum layer pipes, fittings, brass coated with nickel or chromium. Also, using special Teflon pads to prevent the direct contact of brass fittings and AL. Currently, our catalog is a wide range of quality brass fittings all size that will allow you to maximize installation, significantly reducing the cost and time.

Brass – a double or multi-base alloy of copper, where the main alloying element Zinc is sometimes with the addition of tin, nickel, lead, manganese, iron and other elements. -3000-5500 Density kg / m Specific heat at 20 C – 0.377 kJ kg-1 K-1 Resistivity, ohm 0.07-0.08 m Temperature melting brass, depending on the composition reaches 880-950 C. With increasing zinc content the melting temperature is lowered. Brass is well sealed and rolled. Although the surface of the AL, if not lacquered blackens in the air, but the bulk is more resistant to the action of the atmosphere than copper. It has a yellow color and perfectly polished. Bismuth and lead are harmful to brass, so as to reduce the ability of the strain in the hot condition.