In result of this industrialization it had the establishment of a dangerous threshold between the relations human beings and ‘ ‘ bios’ ‘ true fact, unquestioned, before the civilization in virtue of wants gotten unimaginable interplanetary dimensions, hindering a steady, positive union between the nature and man. Salient that to elapse of history human being, before the related moment, such threat to the nature or until the o is not perceived human being. The old civilizations died without the species human being was threatened. But with our civilization not if of the same for having reached the entire world. (I CASTRATE, 1997) Taking in consideration everything that mentioned previously is concluded to have the necessity of a more realistic ambient education, that is, the Ecology would be taken more the serious one, would more have adjusted positions with problematic of the environment, that is, controls of pollutants, more selective water treatment, emission of gases and etc., generating itself a Sustainable Society.

For ends of optimum agreement of this substance we will consider as sustainable development, the actions that they aim at to the improvement of the quality of the life human being inside of the capacity of support of support ecosystems, that is, everything what she is made taking in consideration the capacity of the environment in screen. 6,2 CIVIL CONSTRUCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITY SOCIOAMBIENTAL the residues of the civil constructions are generated by demolitions and workmanships that are being renewed, having generated an enormous wastefulness of materials that could be recycled, since still they are made from traditional methods. In Brazil, until last decade 98% of the constructions they used this type of method (MARINE 1991). For Young chicken (1994), the main objectives of the recycling are: _ Improvement of the environment for the reduction of the number of preas of clandestine disposal, and with this the reduction of the expenses of the public administration with rubbish management; _ Increase of the useful life of the aterros for the organized disposal of the residues; _ Increase of the substance deposits cousin in the measure where they are substituted by material recycled; _ Production of recycled materials of construction with low cost and excellent performance.

The Image

Still in holding back to this aspect of some of the poems that compose Anti-Picture, valley to cite ' ' New flor' ' , constructed poetry all on of an image ' ' antipotica' ' , well to the taste modernista. In it the author says of a river poludo, or more necessarily, he describes one of those foam bubbles that normally are formed in these rivers: ' ' It is a flower of scales,/foam pen and borra' '. what it could easily be confused with one I appeal here ecological it is in the truth plus a louvor to the capacity of the art to transform any beautiful thing into something, is as if it said in them that this beauty depends, over all, of as if he sees and as if he shows any thing. Beyond that already he was said, it is impossible to try to speak on the book in question without citing the poems in which the author makes an incredible metonmico game with the feminine body, as in: ' ' City outrora' ' , ' ' Irene' ' , ' ' Maria Foam and praia' ' ' ' In the beach crepsculo' ' , retaking the triad already cited ' ' sex-nature-poesia' '. The girl of rseo bow (for which it was created poetry of the Stranger) gained silhouettes, and the love ' ' carnal' ' she starts to be the main metafrico object of Max. In these texts, the body of the woman is the way for which art

Choosing Windows

Wood, aluminum, wood, aluminum, plastic (PVC), fiberglass and other window constructions are widely used market to ensure the highest consumer characteristics such as heat protection, aesthetics, reliability, and much more. Choose between wooden and plastic windows can be primarily guided by price category. Modern plastic windows are more focused on large-scale construction, they long-lasting and undemanding in operation. Modern wood windows, if in their manufacture have been met the requirements of relevant technical regulations on service life are not inferior plastic, but Operating wood windows require a great deal of attention. Design decisions, like plastic and wooden windows can be equally spectacular. However, the level of ecological safety of wooden windows in a number of cases may be disproportionately higher. Windows should be beautiful. Plastic with a stretch of the imagination be called handsome, his job is to make the window less than beautiful. Plastic window over time lose their appearance. Plastics can not renew, it is not repaired. If you have the look of windows is important, you need a box of wood. Wooden windows – is, first of all, indicator of housing quality. Tree because of its natural unique properties has a greater insulation than plastic or metal. Wooden windows are not loaded electrostatically, and therefore do not attract dirt. Wooden box made of pine occupy the most successful niche market for money. Choosing eco-friendly, ergonomic and inexpensive wooden box made of pine, you'll spend a little more than windows, but get much more – above all, natural and totally harmless to health material. In plastic and tree has its pluses and minuses. The tree restricts the builders during construction and repair work. The windows need to tighten the film, do not expose the solution to the tree and between the wings, and – most important to observe humidity regime. Paintwork must renew in 10-15 years or once in two years, after washing the windows to wipe them with a special solution. Plastic eventually loses the appearance of his can not renew, he is not repaired. In the case of shrinkage of a house or other movements, and at very low temperature plastic can crack, it is necessary to replace the whole sash or window. In severe frosts may occur separation from the mounting box foam, as a consequence begin freezing slopes, or podduvanie. pvc does not have a crystal lattice or the preferred direction of strength – it is slightly runny stuff, so time is sagging doors. pvc electrified and, consequently, attracts dust. Residents of northern Europe, where climatic conditions are comparable to ours, have long appreciated all the advantages of wooden windows. The peak drag plastic there has already passed, and 70-80% now installed in the Scandinavian countries of windows – made of wood.

The Explanation

Also it looks in the theology the explanation concerning God, tries to build the hope, the direction of the life and the death. Search to answer the question on the beginning and the end of all the things. In this trajectory of the human being, to search answers, it passes for the knowledge trying to create a truth, or even though to arrive at a truth. It constructs and destroys in the attempt of of the direction the proper life. When the human being if comes across with the difficulties, the proper death and knows that it was possible to answer to many doubts that all loaded to the life, blames the destination.

This that usually we call destination, would be one more time one creation of the proper man to justify itself. But between then called destination and will, it has very what to justify itself. What it would be in the reality the way of the truth of the man, its will or the mere and easy explanation of destination? The choice of the destination would be one cure of the emptiness that was not filled, the emptiness of not being humble of if recognizing guilty, incapable and responsible for its history. We are capable of choices, to produce choices, to make choices and to determine our choices. The destination could not be the decision of a choice made for the human being, since the choice already is a decision taken and determined for the proper man. The existence of a destination would not be possible, which determines the life human being and that about many times it is thought as something that conducts the world. Possibly we could conceive one another term that runs away from our control, but exactly thus would be consequncia of our actions and choices. I believe that it is possible the existence of the fatality, this yes would be the term most correct we to try justifying in them in our imperfections.

Hotel Solvasa Barcelona

Who is it aimed? It is open to any person, possesses or not an infrared camera. People who go to the course and have an infrared camera can bring it, since experiments will be carried out during the week. The course is perfect for professionals in engineering, architecture or electrical installations. Instructors course is taught by Jacob Lemus, instructor and consultant to Snell Infrared; and Carles Picanyol, certified thermograph of level I and level II by the Infrared Training Center (ITC), and level III by Advanced Infrared Resources (AIR) with extensive experience in realization of infrared thermography and more than 20 years of experience in the sector of facilities and buildings. Date: 1-October 5, 2012, place: Hotel Solvasa Barcelona. Pre-registration period: up to 24 of September.

Registration and information:, on IMPIC thermography infrared located in Sant Vicenc dels Horts (Barcelona), IMPIC is a company with 20 years experience in the building and maintenance of the facilities. It is formed by specialists in infrared thermography, with level II certificates in that field by the Infrared Training Center (ITC), of Sweden. Performs inspections, Thermographic and audits reports of multitude of sectors (electrical, photovoltaic, facilities of air conditioning, construction, cold storage, boat hulls) throughout the Spanish territory, with the data and information necessary for maintenance companies can solve any potential problems identified in its operation. About The Snell Group the United States The Snell Group a pioneer in the field of instruction and certification of personnel in infrared thermography. Several of their instructors possess certification of Level III by ASNT and boast more than 300 annual courses around the world. for more information: i. M. Picanyol, S.L. Tel. 936564513 Mobile: 655892886 press: Marta bourgeois Department of communication IMPIC phone: 617 526 824

Recipes Easy Fideua

Hello, today I come with this easy recipe for noodles, which may sound to many a little strange, but do not be alarmed, is just your name your flavor is spectacular. The ingredients that will see below are for 4 servings. Ingredients: 1 pinch of Saffron 1 threads cup cooked peas 1 cabezona onion, chopped 1 tablespoon sweet paprika 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 cloves of garlic, chopped 2 cups clams in its shell 2 cuchardas of parsley 3 cups fish broth 8 King prawns 12 mussels 1/2 cup tomatoes, chopped 300 g of noodles salt and pepper to taste preparation toast the Saffron in a skillet and when you feel its aromWe add two tablespoons of hot fish stock to untie it. In a paella pan or large skillet heat olive oil, Add onion and garlic; Let Cook until tender. Add the tomato, paprika and cook 5 minutes.

Then add the noodles, fish stock and unleashed saffron. Let Cook on high 5 minutes. We then add the clams, prawns, mussels and peas; We season with salt and pepper and cook until softened, adding more broth if it dries the paste. To serve, put in bowls and sprinkle with abundant parsley. My recipe also will find the delicious recipe for noodle paella of seafood, as also the of doughnuts of anise and many easy recipes. Original author and source of the article

Ethics In Thinking Eastern

Require you much yourself and expected little of others. This will save you trouble. Many Confucius have been the teachings that East us bequeathed depending on aspects that can help us grow and reach achievements to obtain them as that have been given: within the managerial level, the achievements made by Japan, China. Korea, to mention some countries have been relevant, providing much development and where their culture, ethics has played a very important role. Take into consideration that there are three basic ideas in Eastern philosophy: the reality is changing, the universe is harmonious unity where everything corresponds and lastly man is able to transform by yoga. These three ideas penetrate the variations of Eastern thought and respond to the universal questions: who are we? Where we have come from? Where are we going? Being the fundamental responses and base of orientalSomos change thought, we come from the unit, let’s her by yoga.

We are where we come from and where we are going. When talking about social responsibility and ethical, the fundamental values of culture are particularly important. In Asia, the teachings of Confucius and other sages of antiquity have profound impact on the way of thinking. Kong Fu Ze, renamed Confucio by Jesuit missionaries, was a public servant of rank high in china, around the year 500a.c. His teachings are lessons of the ethical practice and lack of religious content; Confucianism is not a religion, but a series of pragmatic rules for daily existence. Confucius based his lessons in his remarks in the history of china. One of his major influences in Confucius was Zi Zhaan, Prime Minister of Cheng, who introduced the first legal code in China. Also influenced Confucius skepticism of his time with regard to religion, as a cause of having suffered many wars had lost faith in the gods. At age 50, he began his teachings.

Belo Horizonte

AND I DIED SMILING Belo Horizonte, 14-01-1977 One day, a pretty bird With a broken wing, sang for me. I found that effort all pretty, Then I thought: if the man was thus? For a poor he understood me bird. I was sad, without nothing, nobody for close participating of my nostalgia. I cried. when they had dried the tears, I started to cry blood.

Soon I stopped to cry Therefore had finished the tears. Also the blood was esvaiu and I died for the half. A thing I only can affirm: He is that of as much sadness, I died smiling. my world finished In a pretty innocent smile, In a pretty one sings of bird. nostalgia finished. Until nostalgia it smiled Illuminating the sadness, As the sun illuminates the land In one morning of summer. I died smiling, Of sadness and solitude.

Andrea Russell Substitutes

Prior to my acquaintance (to pull friends) with smokeless cigarettes Similar all my attempts to smoke in a car while riding with his family came to an end one, you know what? More or less it became easier with my familiarity with Similar. Of course they do not replace regular cigarettes, but in places very sobschestvennogo use is not a bad alternative. This article does not in terms of advertising and the opportunity to make life easier for other motorists. The situation in which the end of the flight exhausted by smokers trying as quickly as possible to leave the plane in order to "take a dose," may soon become obsolete. Thus, the airline Ryanair allowed to smoke during the flight. Budget airline back to the times when an aircraft can be smoke, allowing passengers to get their nicotine dose, using smokeless cigarettes.

When smoking such cigarettes does not stand a pronounced odor and smoke. Otherwise, no substitutes differ from conventional cigarettes. Within months of testing cigarettes can be bought duty free on board most aircraft. It is reported that in countries where smoking is more common, such as France, Italy and Spain, pack of ten costs about smokeless cigarettes 5.40. On board the aircraft Ryanair smokeless cigarettes cost 10 euros. Passengers can buy them over 18 years.

However, not all passengers agree with the replacement. For example, a 38-year-old Andrea Russell Substitutes not impressed. According to her, they do not give the same feeling that comes from smoking cigarettes. At the same time, the lady agrees that holding a cigarette smoke free during the flight more comfortable, than to wait for a touchdown. The same note and the other passengers. Previously, the company Ryanair conducted a survey to find out how many passengers would be willing to smoke cigarettes smokeless during the flight. A positive answer to the question gave 24 000 people. Budget airline representative said that a great success especially cigarettes were among the inhabitants of European countries, although some of these passengers were in need of advice on the proper use of smokeless counterparts. For example, one passenger got some cigarettes and tried to light one of them. Crew members noticed it in time and stopped him. Due to the advertising information has now all clearer.

Obergurgl Josl

There is even talk of a change in a big way, with the focus of attention no longer stand as well, but services and facilities for the purpose of individual happiness are feeling. The archaic alpine nature asserts itself against the spa. The mountain is now to bring the body and soul into balance. Anneliese Gstrein see the hotel in Obergurgl Josl their role in providing an exciting and entertaining program. Also place it on sustainable regeneration to the living energies of the quasi score recharge and will thus serve with the "gentle kick in the butt" as a motivational aid. That it really proves is that the new "Speed-Wellness" study which sweaty, body-work in itself be deemed of benefit, not toying with the lazy and leave regards as a kind of training camp to cope with everyday life again relaxed. This training camp in Obergurgl to 5-star level is characterized primarily by the unique altitude. Following the Austrian Moderate Study (AMAS), so only a mild stimulating climate increases to 1,900 meters, the physical well-being and stimulates the metabolism.

The mystery of the recreational value is a mountain holiday, the trends of the study, in the mobilization and economization of the forces generated by the human organism. This registers the low partial pressure of oxygen (mild hypoxia) at altitudes 1400-2000 m and boost its activities vigorously. Subsequently be throttled with the stronger activity follows an economization. Prof. Dr. Humpeler, head of the investigation found, with the car engine a felicitous comparison.