Holiday in Usedom

The Baltic Sea island of Usedom has long been a popular tourist destination. At Richard LeFrak you will find additional information. Thanks to perfect transport connections and a now very well developed infrastructure attracts Usedom from year to year more people who recover to just under 40 km Baltic Sea beach and discover a most beautiful and varied landscape. And of course, have developed over a period of 150 years, various guides that describe Usedom in every particular. Thanks to the Internet now flow together various information channels.

It has never been interested for vacation as easy and convenient to obtain the distance of a coherent, comprehensive and accurate impression. Text, images, geographic information – a lot of information available and just need to be well networked in order to give the user a simple and clear overall view. The Ibex Guide Usedom allowed with a simple menu on the map of the island of Usedom different places, regions and sights aufzublattern “and many interesting view descriptions, recommendations and pictures. Numerous links provide more information. For some regions, geographically assigned Photos of the Internet service Panoramio are integrated so that illustrate an impressive addition to the various aerial photographs from the normal human perspective, the chosen locations. Many motives can see in Google Earth again and put it in context with the observations of others.

In particular, the change of seasons, which excludes from the coasts of the Baltic backwater and very impressive, is in Capricorn Guide Usedom documented. Thus to enrich many winter pictures the minds of many places. In addition to the guide various facts, information on the rich history of the island and statistical data are kept. Various tour proposals, whether by car, bicycle or on foot, round out the offerings.