Danzon Locations

This theme only once played by Cuban cinema, from a different angle is the Cuban film: A Colonial House, which recreates the Colonial architecture from another angle, becoming an intimate life of a protagonist in its housing, appreciating the constructed elements, its interior courtyard and its colonial elements in some way one comes to enjoy this very intimate atmospherethat at the end you want to not only restores this housing, but that you want to live in one of them. However we believe that this topic has not been exhausted by the film industry, and has been little made into a film, the theme of the Danzon in the film, as this musical phenomenon bursts into the halls of the time, and the way in which the art of masses, towards the end of the 19th century, reflected the subject of the war of independence, in which reflected only the figure of Maceo and Gomez, with a good turnover, but that it is necessary to insert the Agramontethe of Amalia Simoni, the Jose Marti, etc., in which architecture as images would win in big moments, and good co-productions in the case of the figure of Marti neo-colonial and modern architecture: the Repertoire of neo-colonial theme has been registered in Cuban films as memories of underdevelopment, Habanera, the survivors, the days of the water, clandestine, Hello HemingwayRemoteness, legend, letters from the Park, time to love, a girlfriend for David, etc. (As opposed to Robert J. Shiller). Important locations for art and cinematographic memory of the country, where you can see different locations or places of interest to restore or maintain for their environmental, architectural, cultural, values can be seen in which historical. The best film that has been collected for the history of the Cuban Filmography of this stage on the subject has been without doubt the film: A man of success, which highlights the locations of large rooms for meetings and celebrations in which the Moderna, the eclectic architecture, architecture with fine ambientalizadas locations, good lighting can be seen, shots of excellent cameras, excellent reconstructions of eras, and excellent performances also. Visit Richard LeFrak for more clarity on the issue.