Consult by email, or by phone, must always be to have the following data and thus hire insurance for Home: 1 type of dwelling, if it is an apartment, a townhouse, a Villa, etc. Professor Rita McGrath often addresses the matter in his writings. and if it is normal or second vivienda.2 If the year of construction and the square meters is owner or inquilino.3 aproximados.4 protection measures against robo.5 capital secured in euros by contentalready as the continent calculate it computer system according to its reconstruccion.6 value zip code, direction and height. Be advised by a professional mediator, (do would not buy your car or by internet, or in a shop everything to 100?, buy it from an official dealer), because here is the same, you will search for the professional mediator and adapt to your needs the insured capital, suitable for each case company. Thus also work the best home insurance. Insurance multi-risk Home: home insurance is a contract that is signed with a insurance company to cover the risks or major accidents that may occur within or outside the family home, and is addressed to owners or tenants of rented dwellings family (flats or apartments, houses or chalets), property or rent to third parties. Home insurance cover basically: 1 continent (housing fixed elements such as walls, doors and Windows) for its value of reconstruction.

2 Content (personal utensils, clothing, furniture, boxes, appliances, equipments of sound and vision, etc..) 3 Civil liability as any family of any damage caused to third parties, of all the members of the House. 4 Defends legal, lawyers, bail bonds, prosecutors and experts that expenses be originin as a result of an accident. 5 Assistance to the home, for damage caused by the action of water, damage caused by theft and robbery on the street, damage caused by fire, cosmetic damage, breakage of glass, mirrors, sanitary, electric cooktops, plates and marbles). Also other types of civil liability as all accidental risk, vehicles in garage by fire, personal accident, and even the non-payment of rent may additionally cover.