The Image

Still in holding back to this aspect of some of the poems that compose Anti-Picture, valley to cite ' ' New flor' ' , constructed poetry all on of an image ' ' antipotica' ' , well to the taste modernista. In it the author says of a river poludo, or more necessarily, he describes one of those foam bubbles that normally are formed in these rivers: ' ' It is a flower of scales,/foam pen and borra' '. what it could easily be confused with one I appeal here ecological it is in the truth plus a louvor to the capacity of the art to transform any beautiful thing into something, is as if it said in them that this beauty depends, over all, of as if he sees and as if he shows any thing. Beyond that already he was said, it is impossible to try to speak on the book in question without citing the poems in which the author makes an incredible metonmico game with the feminine body, as in: ' ' City outrora' ' , ' ' Irene' ' , ' ' Maria Foam and praia' ' ' ' In the beach crepsculo' ' , retaking the triad already cited ' ' sex-nature-poesia' '. The girl of rseo bow (for which it was created poetry of the Stranger) gained silhouettes, and the love ' ' carnal' ' she starts to be the main metafrico object of Max. In these texts, the body of the woman is the way for which art

Jean Wyllys Happy Birthday

As an untiring warrior, protected for They are Jorge, the Wyllys gentleman still leciona in two great Carioca universities, making what more it likes to make: to deal with people, the knowledge and the teaching, one of its diverse dons. has more, Jean still produces show of mega stars of Brazilian music and finds time to write literature. Its more recent book ' ' Everything at the same time agora' ' already it is at the hands of thousand of fans for the country the rejection. The book has relative chronicles and texts to its way of militancy in favor of the LGBTS and brings, inlaid work, debates on the miditica production of the country. Wyllys was known in entire Brazil after to participate and to gain the fifth edition of the Big Brother Brazil, in 2005, but its main talent, as they prove the posterior years to the Reality Show, is the charisma one, it lead that it until the fame. Expert of the viscera of the media, Jean did not leave itself to enchant for the melodiosa voice of the sereia. It already possua a career of writer, professor and journalist, consolidated before the BBB and it kept, with wisdom. This trod way is that it demonstrates the difference enters fifteen minutes of fame and a dedicated entire life to a cause.

At the time of the televising program, the fans of Jean Wyllys had established a fan-club and since then he comes divulging the work of dolo in the Internet. Until a book it was launched. ' ' I will never forget it Brother Jean Wyllys' ' it congregates chronicles, stories, poetries and messages that homage Wyllys and meets in depleted edition. In times of BBB, Jean it makes much lack in telinha. Its papos, musics that sang in the program, the charisma one, the friendship that made in the house of the Big Brother, its cativante smile Everything this left homesickness of Jean Wyllys.