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3rd. Everything that is attached to a building in a fixed way of luck that can not separate from him without breach of the matter or deterioration of the object. 4th. The statues, reliefs, paintings or other objects of use or ornamentation, placed in buildings or inheritances by the owner of the property in such a way to reveal the purpose of join in a permanent way to the farm. 5th. Machines, vessels, instruments or utensils destined for industry or exploitation that takes place in a building or an inheritance, and that directly attend to the needs of the same exploitation by the owner of the farm. 6th. The nurseries of animals, palomares, hives, ponds of fish or analogous hatcheries, where the owner has placed them or retain them in order to keep them attached to the estate or part of it in a permanent way.

7th. Intended for the cultivation of an inheritance, fertilisers that are on lands which are to be used. 8th. Mines, quarries and slag, while his matter remains attached to the deposit, and live or stagnant waters. 9th. The docks and buildings which, even if they are floating, are intended by its object and conditions to remain at a fixed point in a river, Lake or coast. 10th.

Administrative public works concessions and easements and other rights real over real estate. CHAPTER II. Of movable Art. 335 are they reputan movables susceptible of appropriation not included in the previous chapter, and can in general all those who be transported from one point to another without detracting from the real thing that they are United. Art. 336 have also consideration of furniture things pensions or pensions, are annuities or hereditary, affected a person or family, provided that they not levied with actual load one immovable thing, sold offices, contracts on public services and the ballot papers and securities representing mortgage loans.

Jose Pereira Goncalves

Development in the real estate sector, which has been observed since 2005 product of the start-up of new rules that loosened the purchase conditions and they allowed the current boom together with the economic improvement of the population which brings it closer to being able to buy a home. As in most Latin American countries, the housing deficit in Brazil is very high, so that improvements in the purchasing power of the population and greater access to funding give a great dynamism to the potential demand for housing. The easing of conditions in the granting of mortgage loans was of such impact that the granting of mortgage loans grew 3.6 times from 2004 to 2007. New mortgage loans will arrive in the R $ 23 billion this year and will exceed in up to 35% on 2007 results for Jose Pereira Goncalves, director of Brazilian entities Association of real estate credit and savings. Gold and oil marked RECORDS – our newsletter of investment, outstanding investments, has obtained profits of up to 700% with companies such as Suncor Energy (NYSE: his) of the hand of the oil boom in this newsletter you will find companies that have benefited from this boom in commodities. And these hikes don’t stop: If you want to know our portfolio of investment and our latest recommendations, click here. The improvement in the economic situation of the Brazilians and greater access to financing for users, joins another factor that is driving demand in the real estate sector of Brazil.

With the problems in the American and Spanish real estate sector, investors have not remained static and have gone in search of new horizons. So that he is observing an increase in the volume of foreign investors who are betting markets Latin Americans to invest, and between these markets have pointed to the Brazilian real estate market. According to Antonio Montes, Professor of the Institute of company of Spain have given account that can continue to grow in countries as Brazil due to the crisis in the real estate sector in the United States.UU., as well as the stagnation in Spain, and in general in all European countries.

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After two years of hard work, estimate portal has managed to position itself as a Web reference when it comes to a particular search budgets for your move. through its nationwide moving companies, is responsible for facilitating the work to individuals who want to make a move. Offers the possibility, after filling out a brief form with moving data, get several quotes to be able to choose. All this entails for the particular savings of time and money, since in less than 24 hours you have several quotes for your move among which you can compare and choose which suits you if so desired. During the 2010 he managed more than 6000 taxis, both private taxis as Office removals. 2011 Begins with a growth of 38% compared to 2010 in terms of individuals who wish to entrust your move to

This data not only proud but it also motivates us to continue growing and improving our service. In the past months news a collaboration agreement with the real estate portal and, -Double visits to the Web, positioning as number one in the sector. -The chain of four television and collaborate on the recording of the program account settings – is sponsoring the championship golf course in Illescas by July 25, 2011 – nominated for best website of 2011 are continuing to give excellent service to both particular to the professional.