Quality Materials For Perfect Homes

Classic once said that the attraction is able to save the world. And to really like is it possible appeal in this world is obliged to appear as much as possible. Just a couple of dozen years ago, virtually without exception, housing construction was a sad monotonous buildings that do not bring to our reality aesthetics. Yet science does not stay in one place. Developed technique of construction, and are the latest oformitelnye types of materials that provide the opportunity, including a long time ago constructed buildings to transform beyond recognition. Modern finishing materials today often likened to cosmetic surgery, as their application really what you want the structure to transform into a beautiful and pleasing to the eye structure. More info: Professor Rita McGrath.

Moreover, the last finishing kinds of materials – not just the possibility of solving problems directly , and along with a significant improvement in thermal characteristics, and in addition to protection from the street din. In addition, it must be said that latest building materials and also endowed with excellent safety features. Enabling multi-finishing of materials allows not just make the outer face of the most beautiful homes, but in addition, and to protect the walls from the destructive action of the environment. So little time ago, finishing materials performed unless oformitelnye functions to the same and require regular improvements. The present-day materials and personnel involved in decorating the walls, are able to have remarkable technical features: long life, high resistance to extremes of temperature indicators, the protection of fundamental supporting structures of the house from the negative influence of the environment. And while a wide selection of aesthetic decisions.

Any person choosing the types of finishing materials for their own home or workplace, can provide it is really an unusual and different to any other residential house. Especially considering that the apartment, and office visitors and potential clients will first and foremost on the appearance, after – on interior decoration and only after – at present range of products and services. That is why a particularly significant that the building was really unique look. In this case, indeed, anyone would know that his house nonstandard, aesthetic and original. As each of us directly. And this is important for each of us and for the organization and for the whole city. After all, the attractiveness of actually saving the world from dullness and routine.

Woodworking Industry

Designer furniture from Italy – is the variety of styles and their most daring combinations, how to make a unique situation bedrooms, living room or kitchen. The choice of materials of Italian furniture is not limited to the classical types of wood – oak, maple, walnut or cherry. Now actively use modern and high tech materials: glass, metal, stone, mdf, lacquer and enamel coating, and even carbon fiber. "On the Russian market over the past years by legislators furniture fashion are Italians, especially with regard to the furniture of classic style, – says Andrey Raduhin, director general of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Industry of Russia. – At the same time, Russian furniture companies are not standing still in terms of new design development, drawing on the contributions of domestic and foreign experts.

In these segments of the furniture, like kitchen and soft, the successes of domestic furniture manufacturers are most noticeable. Current production is quite competitive, not more than the Italian. " For example, the famous Russian furniture brand Mr.Doors in 2007 acquired the Italian brand Paolo Marchetti, that enables us to produce series of furniture in the classic style of premium price segment. Here, we see that domestic and foreign manufacturers are perfectly coexist together, offering consumers the Russian furniture of different styles on every taste and budget. Transparent foreigners and compatriots Windows – this is the most valuable and simultaneously most inconspicuous element of the interior of our apartments. Now, in anticipation of cold winter weather, many rush to replace old wooden windows, cracked and windswept, energy-saving plastic construction.

Parquet – Classic Forever

Fashion is like love: the push to celebrate the slightest changes of mood, ahead of the event, in time to catch the trend. Including – new trends in interior design. Classic remains the most secure – not only in clothing, and housing arrangement. We're talking about choosing not so much styles as materials, primarily wood. It is appropriate in almost any environment, no matter how trendy the idea never occurred to the designer. After all, every home worthy of the parquet floor.

Consequently, the parquet floor – a classic forever! Specialists share the exquisite wooden flooring on the board parquet board, a massive, block parquet. The latter is the simplest. "Little Things" – is rectangular strips of equal length on each side of which cut spike and a groove for docking. Different modes of presentation, the combination of colors and textures allow you to "weave" of an extremely simple material like ornament. Sizes range from Dice 250/50 to 900/90 mm.

Rods longer than one meter are considered to have a solid board, they can reach 2,4 m. Both types of flooring made of a piece of solid wood. Parquet board – is a three-layer design. The lower layer is made of waterproof plywood, which is placed perpendicular to the so-called spike layer (mostly softwood), and in parallel – a valuable species: oak, ash, bamboo, merbau, etc. Completes the finish parquet varnishing or impregnation with a special oil. Multi-layer boards are not detract from the performance advantages of a floor covering, the main one – half "behave" consistently at any time year, is resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Choosing Windows

Wood, aluminum, wood, aluminum, plastic (PVC), fiberglass and other window constructions are widely used market to ensure the highest consumer characteristics such as heat protection, aesthetics, reliability, and much more. Choose between wooden and plastic windows can be primarily guided by price category. Modern plastic windows are more focused on large-scale construction, they long-lasting and undemanding in operation. Modern wood windows, if in their manufacture have been met the requirements of relevant technical regulations on service life are not inferior plastic, but Operating wood windows require a great deal of attention. Design decisions, like plastic and wooden windows can be equally spectacular. However, the level of ecological safety of wooden windows in a number of cases may be disproportionately higher. Windows should be beautiful. Plastic with a stretch of the imagination be called handsome, his job is to make the window less than beautiful. Plastic window over time lose their appearance. Plastics can not renew, it is not repaired. If you have the look of windows is important, you need a box of wood. Wooden windows – is, first of all, indicator of housing quality. Tree because of its natural unique properties has a greater insulation than plastic or metal. Wooden windows are not loaded electrostatically, and therefore do not attract dirt. Wooden box made of pine occupy the most successful niche market for money. Choosing eco-friendly, ergonomic and inexpensive wooden box made of pine, you'll spend a little more than windows, but get much more – above all, natural and totally harmless to health material. In plastic and tree has its pluses and minuses. The tree restricts the builders during construction and repair work. The windows need to tighten the film, do not expose the solution to the tree and between the wings, and – most important to observe humidity regime. Paintwork must renew in 10-15 years or once in two years, after washing the windows to wipe them with a special solution. Plastic eventually loses the appearance of his can not renew, he is not repaired. In the case of shrinkage of a house or other movements, and at very low temperature plastic can crack, it is necessary to replace the whole sash or window. In severe frosts may occur separation from the mounting box foam, as a consequence begin freezing slopes, or podduvanie. pvc does not have a crystal lattice or the preferred direction of strength – it is slightly runny stuff, so time is sagging doors. pvc electrified and, consequently, attracts dust. Residents of northern Europe, where climatic conditions are comparable to ours, have long appreciated all the advantages of wooden windows. The peak drag plastic there has already passed, and 70-80% now installed in the Scandinavian countries of windows – made of wood.

Makes Glazed Cold

"Warm" is called glazing balconies with plastic glazing. They have several advantages, but not always profitable. Sealed windows do not let the cold air and on the balcony becomes significantly warmer. This option appropriate when you want to create a specific microclimate on the balcony, for example, to grow flowers. But if you intend to use the balcony as a dwelling, it is impossible to rely only on the glazing plastic glass. You will need additional spending – a complex finish, wall insulation, top and bottom plates, summing up the wiring and heating. In plastic windows, there are some disadvantages: they reduce skylights, and in the adjacent room becomes darker. In addition, in the summer, at a balcony can be very stuffy, so it is important to establish not deaf, and opening doors.

Then you will have the opportunity to ventilate room in the heat. But these deficiencies deprived of the "cold" glazing, which consists of a sliding aluminum structures. The only drawback of aluminum balcony – the inability to retain heat. In Otherwise, they are very convenient in operation: sliding doors are easy to wash, open, ventilate the room. On this balcony will never close, or dark – aluminum, unlike plastic, does not narrow skylights room. K Moreover, leaf apart to the sides with roller mechanism – quickly and comfortably, and do not clutter up the space a balcony. But the lunch or tea on a balcony in the winter it is impossible, especially in cold weather – the temperature on the balcony only a few degrees higher than .I a "warm" and "cold" glass has its pluses and minuses. Decide how you will use the loggia – as a hothouse flower, a living room-terrace or simply as a convenient addition to the apartment. And depending on that, choose the type of glazing that will suit you to the destination.

Main Properties

Primers should have good adhesion to different surfaces, both new and previously treated, providing a good foundation for proper coating material. Primer smooths the surface tension coating, thus covering material will be better adhered (attached) to the substrate. It is quite difficult to put a finishing coat on a new old covering as a tool to easily inflicted material glides over the surface. Primer adequately provides roughness foundation for the successful application of topcoat. Compared with a topcoat, a primer often have higher content of dry residue and, consequently, they have a higher occupancy of that better hides minor imperfections. Nevertheless, for high quality paint finish is very important to carefully prepare the ground, as paint can not hide surface defects and the defects on the contrary clearly stand after the finish paint. Primer dries quickly and is easy to grind, which is important in preparing the surface. Inflict paint over the primer compared with a topcoat can be faster and, therefore, in this case to save time.

Hiding power of a good primer, usually even better than the coverage topcoat. Nevertheless, it is better tinted primer close to the tone with an effective layer of tint to cause a smaller number of layers during the final painting. In most cases, one application of primer and topcoat for well-covered and smooth finish. Primers reduce the absorption of the surface. There are big differences in absorbency of substrates. Especially porous gypsum-based fillers and powder filler of cement-based have a relatively high absorption, while at the drywall sheet on the cardboard sections absorption is low. If the absorption of the surface before painting is not aligned with primer, then a finishing layer is more opaque in the joints, containing filler with a high absorbency. If you are using is not absorbing primer decreases the absorption of the substrate. If such a surface to paint, then application of the primer increases the duration of work with a topcoat, which in turn will contribute to more easily achieve a uniform result.

Wooden Houses

My position on the wooden house consist of the following convictions. 1. Housing must be made of wood – wood is the material for the construction given to us the most nature. Our knowledge about the ecology is very limited and therefore the beneficence of wood extends far beyond the known factors. Such as conifer resin kills germs is in a pine house air decontaminated. 2. Building a house should not exceed 3 months .- If a construction delay, any material will lose their properties to absorb moisture. If used for the construction of laminated veneer lumber, it will allow put the house under the key for 1 month (can be faster, but does not always work).

3. Minimum interior-decoration of the house from glued beam is minimized. On the floor is laid laminate or linoleum. Do not forget the impregnation is applies to all wooden houses. Typically, the initial impregnating do at the factory. Reprocessing should be done in five years. 4.

Minimum non-natural materials – If you like the wall with wallpaper, then do not House of laminated veneer lumber. Everything in the house has already been done. Alternatively, you can not put a wooden and plastic windows. Roofing material, but anyone, but I would suggest a soft tile. The easier it will be the roof the less pressure on wall. Do not forget – this tree, a natural material, and better suited to the natural integer. 5. – Let's say we build a house, but the house still need to live and enough in harsh conditions. This year, the temperature in Central Russia reaches -43 Celsius. No need to rely on global warming, it will not. The house must be heated. In this issue the wooden houses out of competition. Therefore, the baths are built of wood. The wooden house is better retain heat, and the house of laminated veneer lumber better than all of the wood. Here are my arguments on their own home. Build a good home and quick, build a poor house "cheap" and slow. The best option, which few people guess is to buy a ready set of laminated veneer lumber and build it yourself. This approach allows you to save up to 50%, ie come in 2 times cheaper than building a turnkey basis. Just want to say that if you build a house made of wood, it is not Remember that it requires special care. Even if you build a house from glued beam, despite assurances from the manufacturer, will appear small cracks. To this we must be prepared and not rely on poor quality manufacturer. After all, the main producer here is nature. Love your house, take care of it and build.

Property Renovation

The repair at the moment impossible to imagine without a professional-looking instrument. Indeed, for many procedures just enough to choose the optimal form tools, including the necessary skills to really take concrete progress. The latest construction tools can be divided into two main subgroups – professional and amateur. For home use optimal solution to the problem – it is a universal non-professional construction tools: small tools, electric drills, specific device for tapping on something. Activation of such a tool may well contribute to solve a large number of issues associated with general household repairs and even medium-sized building. In this wide-used in the construction of the instrument can be invoked as masters in the construction of buildings in the same degree and non-professionals.

Moreover, high-quality wide-tool essentially undemanding as to the position of engagement and storage, and besides the economic feasibility. As a versatile tool may require minor amounts of energy to direct activities, and in addition to its conservation is not required special rates. Generalist tool has a much more significant indicators of the quality and range of possibilities, yet this goal is feasible to achieve just the only way – the growth of cost and size. That's why a professional tool in the home often. Just vocational landlord is constantly engaged in repairing and just keeps his instrument at home. Great number of special types of specialized tools have a narrow purpose. Only in this case there is a chance to get really significant effectiveness of tools and a heavy workload work. In this case, virtually all without exception, lay wide-building tool is, and is used for different kinds of tasks.

However, the professionals argued that the universalization always reduces the power of the tool. That is, if you personally are interested in a tool, which can travel great number of different operations, it is best to choose a universal and compact tool. On top of it and much easier to learn. Most importantly – pay attention to quality and not to succumb to an unlicensed low cost.