Team members move and organize the notes into groups based on relationships and partnerships established between the concepts. The step required to prepare the affinity diagram, according to what they reveal Javier Llorens and Maria del Mar are: 1, "List all proposals and opinions write each in individual sections. 2 .- Based on the above list, it should be embodied in a form more those ideas are the same but with different words. 3 .- Referring to the previous group, they become more link in a tab synthesis of the opinions they express the same thing. 4 .- The procedure is the same up to a tab in which all groups are collected by connecting links. This technique can be used when it is necessary to generate a large number of ideas or concepts and to classify them into categories. Relationship diagram: These models relevant institutions to express an information system, their interrelationships and properties. The usefulness of this technique is very mean when a topic is complex enough for its high number of causes, effects and relationships.

Wikipedia gives us, which is a conceptual representation of information. Through a series of procedures can be passed to other ER model, for example. Robert J. Shiller may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The entity-relationship modeling is a technique for data modeling using entity relationship diagrams. It is not only technique but the most common. Briefly consists of the following steps: It starts with a textual description of the problem or automated information system (requirements). You make a list of nouns and verbs appear.

Parental Adaptation

What happens with some parents today want to live in a world where things have changed too, have not adapted to the series of changes in culture and customs of society, we can not live in a world so liberal with so monotonous and closed. Most parents today face a crisis of adaptation ing fashions, cultures and customs that lead to internal conflicts develop between father and children. This causes many problems that lead to others, poor communication, lack of confidence, family discord among many other things. Today’s teens can not live in a way yesterday, are other ideas and ways of thinking different, there are limits and rules, but for a meaningful social progress and growth is needed to evolve. Evolve mindset of parents and adapt to the changes affecting society continuously.

That is what really happens is fear and fear that parents feel, or simply do not allow teenagers live up to its time, it seemed that everything was like a puzzle and sometimes the parents do not fit the current times. How heavy are my parents! That if the examination, that if I’m late, that if the clothes … Next year will be an adult and I will not have to rely on my parents, or so I believe … Is it necessary to reach these ends? What is the purpose of this article, my intention is not to change the mindset of parents, much less forced to leave “free” their children, my only goal is the reflection between them. We must also note that parents are fully located in the polar opposite of the situation, parents who completely forget their children, parents who do not make rules, parents just do not care situations with their children. I think parents are committed to listening to children, to address their concerns and taking into account their views and way of looking at things, so that there is more armonial coexistence between them, it is necessary to improve communication , poor self-esteem and identity problems, also know their friends to live with, for prevent addiction, scolding and punishment will never be the solution since these are applied after having committed some action, if parents talk amicably with their children would have less problems in addition to drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Should this bond of trust between parents and children, and it would inspire the children think of first instance ask for advice on any issue in which you live, remember that adolescents are called so, because the word comes from They suffer from PAIN, ME DUELE, suffering, and all these CARESCO psychological crisis for which every human being ever goes through.

Franchise Tax

Without doubt the launching of tax exemption SERVICING and the adaptation of the chain Property Corral to the new situation of the market, have been the more bold enterprise strategy in the last years and that greater welcome is having in the national and international plane. Property Corral SERVICING Integra 5 tax exemptions by the price of 1: Real estate intermediary, Financial Broker, Insurance agent, Manager Patrimonial and Facility Services. In addition, SERVICING until now offers unpublished advantages in the sector of the tax exemptions in Spain: indefinite Contract of tax exemption. Contract of tax exemption reviewed and approved by the Spanish Association for the Development and Defense of the Franchise-holder. Existence of the figure of the Defender of the Franchise-holder. Postgraduate in Management Superior in Real estate, Financial Intermediation and of Insurances of the Independent University of Barcelona, like course of beginning to the tax exemption. a consultant on foot of street for each 5 tax exemptions.

Procedure of financial and hypothecating files through two channels different. PROPERTY CORRAL are the greater Spanish real estate company dedicated to the intermediation of buildings counting in addition on one defined international projection. A leadership based on I dominate of the secondary market, the one of the intermediation in the house of second hand, but that is extended progressively to the one of new work. Property Corral are present in all the Spanish independent communities, as well as in Mexico, Hungary, Holland, Belgium. Luxembourg, Ecuador, etc. More information in original Author and source of the article.

Poor RealEstate Results

The majority of Spanish real estate have already presented its results for the year 2007. They have been a few bad results, with big net profit falls; Realia (- 13%), Metrovacesa (- 30%), Reyal Urbis (- 68%), Renta Corporacion (- 26%), etc. But if we analyze the results of the fourth quarter isolated results are even worse. When analysing the results of these companies should do a study of this last quarter, since it gives an idea closer to what may be the year 2008. Renta Corporacion, for example, has had a negligible activity in this last quarter. Sales have been few and the company had a loss of EUR 4 million. If this situation continues the more likely is that many real estate Spanish come into loss in 2008.

Other data to bear in mind is the sharp fall in the pre-sales in the whole year 2007 (Realia Metrovacesa – 68% – 60%, etc.) and the strong increase in debt, also in the 2007 (income Corporation + 47%, Metrovacesa + 33%, etc.) The pre-sales are reserves, i.e., signals that customers deliver as a previous step to formalize the sale a few months later. To strongly reduce the pre-sales in 2007 it is likely that in 2008 the sales fall sales in a similar proportion. They are even starting to be cases of customers who waive the signal given to avoid having to buy the House that had been reserved. The increase in debt is result of the reduction in sales, since not to sell real estate that have in stock they can not return credits. The Spanish real estate need liquidity urgently, so it is very likely that tenagn to lower prices even more (some real estate already announced discounts of up to 20%).. Bizzi & Partners oftentimes addresses this issue. arquitectoshayfuturo. info related Blogs would have discounts for absence of legislators Uruguay to the day Jeny Mizo null Happy Women’s Day my (usual) .com increases sales of diet products in Spain Get in the life of serendipity: a la mode Blog Archive MINX LOS establishments increases his offer of discounts by EARLY sales of cars in Spain rise 43.


Windsurfing from the very beginning abruptly changes the usual things: for there is no surf the concepts of "right" and "left." Hand and foot are closer to the mast, called the "front" and the other arm and leg – "rear" Get ready to enjoy the speed and exercise in acrobatics. At the same time during the training have gone pretty smoothly and tan – not lying on the beach, and is constantly in motion trainers provide sports shop some tips: 1. Stand on a plank lying face-to-sail, mast base right between the legs. Sit in a squat and grip the start-sheet (the cord from the base of the mast to the middle of it). Slowly rise up through the leg strength, back bend. Completely straight, pull yourself to the mast and the boom grip (handle sails) hand, which is closer to the nose of the board (as you can stand to the right of the sails, and left). The mast should be take a strictly vertical position.

Repeat the movement on the ground 5-6 times (on the water you first have to do it often enough). See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert J. Shiller offers on the topic.. Worked out fine muscles of the buttocks, hips and back. 2. Put your front foot as much as possible closer to the mast, touching her feet. Posterior – towards the stern, as the center of the board. Slightly expand the foot outward and slightly bend the back leg.

Outstretched hand holding the front of the boom as close as possible to the mast. Housing little thrown back, back straight. Slightly expand the handle sails themselves. The rear hand works like a gas pedal in your car. With increasing wind resistance you are moving faster. In order to slow down, just let go the rear arm. Constantly balancing to maintain a balance, you enable the back muscles, abdomen, buttocks and arms. Repeat 3-4 times on dry land. 3. The wheel is in windsurfing sail. To expand the board to the wind, almost without changing the body position, move both hands to the left, as if pulling up the sail to itself and to the side. Housing acts as a counterbalance, leaning back slightly, the back leg springs. To rotate in the opposite direction, where the wind blows, the sail to move back a little, as if looking over his body. To do this, bend your front hand and body move forward, focusing on the front foot. Then with both hands, move the sail, not changing plane and the position relative to the wind. In maneuvering are utilized back muscles, thighs and arms. Perform a double move on the ground 5-6 times. Experts also recommend Intersport 4. Intercept sail on both sides of the mast: the rear arm to place the front, the front keeps the boom from the opposite side. Move the feet as close as possible to the mast, heels together, toes apart. Housing freely thrown back. Turn the sail in the direction opposite to that in which you want to turn. It will remain on the wind, and the board will begin to unfold. Swap legs in small steps, trying to keep them close. Look at the nose board. When the sail take the right direction, and take. n. (only the other side of the sail) and start moving. Work your back muscles, hips and buttocks. You can contact the sports master, and they'll give you a personal consultation.


Fibreboard – hardboard, but there are also the second name – fiberboard. Many people think that fiberboard and fiberboard are completely different things, but actually it is not. Even once I had heard that the hardboard and mdf are two identical plates, only Fibreboard is a Russian acronym, and mdf overseas, however, after such had to hang up because this is complete nonsense. But back to the title of fiberboard, the word itself is derived from the phrase "organic rock" so say encyclopedia. But if we look further, then we will find only references fiberboard and hardboard in them, as there was no way and no. Orgalita called high-density fiberboard, but besides the name "fiberboard" added index "T" that is "solid." Surely you are not persuaded, in this case, let's look at the existing guests if the search for any sources, then still we will be able to find guests fiberboard, but the fact that our found gosts on fiberboard absolutely like guests DWT: 4598-86, 8904-81 and 19592-80. According to the present, or even say scientific guests fiberboard not like most hardboard, it has only a name that reflects the jvp. Hopefully with the names now understandable.

Now, when we understood the acronyms and titles, another question arises, why do we need the hardboard? I will say this, the scope of fiberboards large, this building, and furniture production and even packaging materials. It is worth a little deeper into the scope for a clearer notion of the slab. In the construction is most often used solid fiberboard or hardboard grades nt, it is used for thermal and acoustic insulation of the roof, manufacturing floors, walls, for decoration, such as interior decoration, is often used fiberboard as a protective film, but the cons of the film is that it may tear even a small load, and fiberboard before the repair. In the furniture industry is also an indispensable part, because each of us has a home in closets, so that's basically the back wall of the enclosure or the lower part of box is in most cases, a piece of hardboard, except furniture plate used for the manufacture of interior doors. Even in many art schools are using lists of hardboard instead of canvas. As packing material, normal fiberboard also apply, as very often it is used as cushioning material.

So here we can safely say, well, that invented and invented a material such as hardboard. You certainly a question or it has occurred before it, as well as after the cabinet we have "a pretty" colorful, and the back plate plain, brown It turns out that where a fraud? Respond immediately "NO" no deception. There are two option boards, it's all the same, but a sanitized, and the second . Refined plate is – hardboard, the front layer in which the production before pressing saturated dye. I would like to make one small clarification, a plate is a smooth-sided and two-sided. Fiberboards with unilateral smoothness is one of the parties to the rough surface of the reservoir or the imprint of the transport grid and plate bilateral smoothness has the same surface roughness. I would also like to give a little advice when choosing DVPlity important to pay attention to the bundle, if the edge (edge) laminated plate, then such plate is better to set aside, in addition, try to pay attention to the whole plate in its entirety to her was not a hardened seats.

Modern Design Trends

Daily life sometimes seems boring and mundane, and often want to change your environment. To implement such intentions is the best suited design interior design in the new interpretation – as one of the most effective ways to improve your own mood and bring into our lives an element of novelty and harmony. Fortunately, the times of the Interior exclusively for reasons of practicality and whether sunk into oblivion. As well as the desire to fully follow the fashion trends no longer have the prerogative. Greenberg Traurig shines more light on the discussion. The design of a modern interior in the foreground individual aspect of registration. Good designer – this is first of all – the creator, who in his work is not kept beyond imagination, but must follow the standard design standards that regulate the correctness of the building, construction and decorating (corresponding to snip and specifications for construction and finishing materials). Typically, the conversion uses the already existing dwelling. There are some nuances that must be taken into attention to every professional designer, starting to work. Richard LeFrak is actively involved in the matter.

First and foremost, you need to take into account the structural features of housing, its functionality and its original plan. In addition, take into account the factor that the interior design project is being developed for people not familiar with the nuances and features interior design, so – you start to sketch, you must agree with the owner of the smallest details, from the type of furniture and textures of its upholstery, finishing location wiring diagram. In designing the interior details are not there. .