The Curiosity

Edward creates one masks to move away the people from it therefore knows that the relations with it are always dangerous as well as its murderous nature have conciencia of the attraction that cause the people is for knowing because it is so different and so attractive at the same time. You believe that never a vampire knew? A potential assassin where the voice, I smell, in everything they are you aggravate they say and they make everything that we want sucks and destroys our lives how many people already had had its lives devastadas for other people who it seemed to be the best thing that had happened in its Bella existence that curious potential victim to it for the things of the evil and the life clearly. A time I read that wise person and that one that learn with the errors of the others and intelligent that one that learn with its proper errors many times we after all do not obtain nor to be intelligent for that does not like nor rain because and humid cold and to search on legends of lobisomens and vampires they would have to more scare a little, the curiosity human being and if it did not exist does not aprenderiamos and descobriamos as many fantastic things as pleasure for example but also we do not teriamos known the disillusionment and pain then valley the leg to be curious for love yes always valley the penalty to discover the same love that it can kills more what the death for Edward was the beginning of the eternity for bella the continuation and perpetuation of its love for it. At last I believe that all already we live or we will live a twilight but the important one and to discover will give a definitive place of light its life and that all live a love history therefore certainly this will change you forever.

The Cluster

We do not have what to complain. Many, however find that this life is beside the point monotonous and want a change. I am fully in accordance with the leaders of our community. The necessary life of time variations in when, of the opposite the time if becomes beside the point long. Variations as these trees, for example: they see as they modify themselves quickly, are born small if they become beautiful leafy. Its pantries are back in the high one of where if it can observe the imensido of the grass. They see the birds as they are pretty, they possess the prettiest penalties, they sing the most beautiful songs, they fly for highest of the sky, foods do not lack.

we? Already they had observed as we are? In first place we have very great ears. As much the donkeys as the crossbows had passed the legs for the ears and they had only now found stranger to have a so great chunk of those in the head. How horrible thing! It is truth well that had excellent qualities, therefore they frightened the mosquitos that seated in its heads, but were very great. continued ' ' sbio' ' leader of the community. – Already they had repaired in our colors? Most horrible and still superficially we have for excessively. One only saw donkeys and mules passing the legs for the body. That terrible age, for pra all side and colors pssimas.

But the leader continued the speech. – Also we whinny instead of smiling and in addition we have four legs when we must only have two. That is one tenebrous fact. How it is that we go to eat the bananas madurinhas of the cluster if we cannot catch them with as many legs? One more time the donkeys and the mules had moved with the legs.


In the truth, nobody likes to be olvidado, to fall in the ostracism. To bring to the memory somebody that in them is very wanted is something that exceed the limits of our love, if is that the love has limits; e, equally, to be in the memory of that truily it wants in them well, is the height of our fondness. I was created in Orphanage and I visited other orphanages, leprosrios and retirement homes, therefore I perfectly know the value of a souvenir Who meets prisoner curls to be remembered more than everything in this life. A letter, a telegram, or mere recommendations can make the difference. as they make! A phone call, then, nor if speaks! one visits? Ah, for the prisoner it does not have nothing more valuable of what the visit of somebody! The physical contact is the apex of a souvenir.

Who to want really to remember somebody, demonstrates this fondness personally It is not in vain that the Sacred Holy Writs command our souvenir to the poor persons, patients, prisoners, orphans and widowers (Mt.25: 35,36; Hb.13: 3; Tg.1: 27). Salutares souvenirs Why are essential they? Consonant the heading of this article, as well as we ask for the Jesus to remember us, It also asks for to us our souvenir to it: ‘ ‘ She also remembers to you of your Creator in the days of your youth, before they come the bad days, and arrive the years where you will say: I do not have pleasure in them. ‘ ‘ (Ec.12: 1) Evidently that nobody wants to be remembered by God only there for as much, in well advanced age already. In the same way, God does not want that only let us remember in them it when we will be arrimados in a cane.