Open Investments

She buys everything. Sent you a letter with intent to sell on your site specific price. After 30 days as required by law get a response – a region with pleasure will buy your land at the declared price. But the law is not written anywhere, through any period of time is to be held this purchase. Passes year is two. If the earth at that time much more expensive – area repurchases. If not much – waiting for more. So the market in the shadow of the transaction between individuals do not pass at all, everything is made of land in some kind of charter capital enterprises. Translate into a different category is more complex than fly to the moon. In part, this position is due to the presence of regional authorities in the Tver region of powerful investors like “Open Investments, planning build up the settlements, strongly reminiscent of the new city. Like, every little thing we do not need. In the Yaroslavl region in this sense, the situation calmly. The most liberal policy takes to land owners Agricultural management of Kaluga region.

This trend – the number of priority for investors. Be careful when buying land in the near to Moscow Maloyaroslavetsky Bohr and areas of areas: regional territorial development plans involve the deployment of a large number of industrial enterprises, which can not but affect the forecasts of growth in land prices in these areas. I advise you to look at and to Smolensk region, its coming from the Moscow districts. Easy access to transportation, the availability of “bezsvetofornoy” highway Moscow – Riga, providing travel at 250 km zone from Moscow a couple of hours, the presence of paintings navigable rivers, and not yet used recreational potential of the region should attract many investors. It is desirable to acquire land from a major owner, who has a lot of land. Especially in those cases where it developing infrastructure projects in their territories in stages. With the development of each of these steps you’ve already purchased more expensive land. Still very nice to such owner to develop self-serious agrarian project. In this case, he is guaranteed a good relationship with the district and regional authorities, which would give additional stability to your own investments. Do not be lazy – look through before buying information such projects on the Internet or go to the District Department of Agriculture. You tell it all. Sales information in specific areas, too, can be found online by clicking the “land sale” or “investment in land in particular area. Believe me, all worthy of attention is there. Successful acquisitions of you! Artem , judge of the land market.