Construction Of A Playground On A Suburban Site

Our children should also be happy childhood with all the attributes. And so it was interesting to spend time in the village and they were always supervised by an adult, you can make a playground in their area. Leave room for your imagination, just give a few tips on how and where to make the site. The best budget option – to do this area on several houses. there hands and more money spent will be less. And the child will be able to play together with friends. Ate you want to make a site just on your site, then, logically, to make room away from the beds.

By the same place for the site should be as safe. Review and better dig this territory. Clean the future site of the glass or rusty nails. Also note that the venue for walking was hidden from direct sunlight. If you Hoth solve the problem with trees and shrubs, then better. That plants are safe (it is not necessary to plant the rose or elder). At the playground is not bad to take vacation spot adults who will look after the children. Better if it would be a gazebo or a bench under canopy.

Firstly you will be able to hide from the sun on a hot summer afternoon. M secondly be able to play with the baby when it's rain. What items on the site will be located – a matter of taste and purse. As a rule, all children sites have a play area. When you do it, the better, so the corners were too sharp and the edges are not too narrow, so on the edge, you could sit down. The size of the sandbox, a child must be from 1.5×1.5 to 2×2 feet. If children will be play more, it is better to increase the sandbox. Now sells a lot of beautiful, comfortable and safe utensils for children's playgrounds. This roller coaster, and houses and swings. What should I consider when purchasing, so this is something that over time, colors fade. more prone to burning red, yellow and black. Of course you can always look to upgrade, but it is important to take into account the fact that oil-based paints is better to paint the plastic parts. For this purpose, suitable car paint. If you have a chance, you can make yourself swing, sandbox and slide. The main thing is to make it safe for the child. No protruding nails and there was not sanded wood. If you're going to put a children's pool, then it is better positioned in the open air, the water temperature was maintained in a natural way. And less hassle. And, if you put a shade tree, then the pool does not fly any debris (bugs, spiders, sticks, leaves). And in any case, do not leave the deflated pool for the winter at the cottage – click pogryzut. And even if the playground is located near the adult recreation area, then we must think more carefully about how to house the grill (Or barbecue). And protect your child from possible injury. Your vacation at the cottage will be doubly better if your child will like to spend time on the court, and not destroy all of your beds:)

Zaoksky District

Now the question cottage among Muscovites as not relevant. During the crisis, the real estate market is almost up and the only value for money, which is almost not lost its relevance, value for money remains in the ground. In addition, the Moscow region already quite crowded (it is visible even to the naked eye on the number of tubes) and overrated. Prices of land and houses in the municipality were often go beyond all reasonable limits. In such a situation, it is natural that many people have started paying their views on the adjacent area – there is still land prices are still relatively reasonable, though there is already heavily creep up. Based on the above mentioned factors, began to look for cottage and me. In my search I stumbled upon Zaoksky district of the Tula region. Zaoksky area located on the edge of Moscow, Tula and Kaluga regions.

Formally, it refers to the Tula region, although the latter now also talk about how to allocate it to the Moscow region. What is interesting Zaoksky area? Zaoksky district – it's the cleanest district in Tula region in terms of ecology. One cubic centimeter of air contains 2700 negative ions – the same as the resorts of Switzerland. Industrial facilities in the area, only 4 (specializing in production of rubber, textile products and blanks and gravel). Chemical, Metallurgical and machinery production is not at all. The economy of this region is largely agricultural. Zaoksky district – it's one big recreation 'recreation area.

Finding Office Space

Searching for office space leaves plenty of time and all because the market offers commercial real estate in Moscow seems to be huge, but it seems at first glance. And indeed, in the databases of the agencies or in advertising Ads submitted to the volume of information Pestryaev some good options, but how to choose the right where to look, who to contact? Council and an important one – everywhere. Contact the small and large real estate agency, ask neighbor, the taxi driver, a guard policeman, but not contact with news agencies. Here you just lose time and money. In reality, the market worth of proposals for lease of office premises exists and it is not great. What determines the price of the proposed commercial property, office, for example? Geographical location of the room. State of readiness.

Assessment of its klassnosti. Storeys. Availability communication networks. Type of contract on the lease or sale of office space. from assessments of their own premises by the lessor or seller. The last point is very capricious, as they often revaluation owned non-residential premises leads to a loss of potential profit for the owner. Consult with professionals (brokers, real estate) is a free service, just so you can find the best office space.

Open Investments

She buys everything. Sent you a letter with intent to sell on your site specific price. After 30 days as required by law get a response – a region with pleasure will buy your land at the declared price. But the law is not written anywhere, through any period of time is to be held this purchase. Passes year is two. If the earth at that time much more expensive – area repurchases. If not much – waiting for more. So the market in the shadow of the transaction between individuals do not pass at all, everything is made of land in some kind of charter capital enterprises. Translate into a different category is more complex than fly to the moon. In part, this position is due to the presence of regional authorities in the Tver region of powerful investors like “Open Investments, planning build up the settlements, strongly reminiscent of the new city. Like, every little thing we do not need. In the Yaroslavl region in this sense, the situation calmly. The most liberal policy takes to land owners Agricultural management of Kaluga region.

This trend – the number of priority for investors. Be careful when buying land in the near to Moscow Maloyaroslavetsky Bohr and areas of areas: regional territorial development plans involve the deployment of a large number of industrial enterprises, which can not but affect the forecasts of growth in land prices in these areas. I advise you to look at and to Smolensk region, its coming from the Moscow districts. Easy access to transportation, the availability of “bezsvetofornoy” highway Moscow – Riga, providing travel at 250 km zone from Moscow a couple of hours, the presence of paintings navigable rivers, and not yet used recreational potential of the region should attract many investors. It is desirable to acquire land from a major owner, who has a lot of land. Especially in those cases where it developing infrastructure projects in their territories in stages. With the development of each of these steps you’ve already purchased more expensive land. Still very nice to such owner to develop self-serious agrarian project. In this case, he is guaranteed a good relationship with the district and regional authorities, which would give additional stability to your own investments. Do not be lazy – look through before buying information such projects on the Internet or go to the District Department of Agriculture. You tell it all. Sales information in specific areas, too, can be found online by clicking the “land sale” or “investment in land in particular area. Believe me, all worthy of attention is there. Successful acquisitions of you! Artem , judge of the land market.

Rental Apartments Available

Housing question posed by the classic, made all the more acute. And now he gets up sometimes in the most unlikely types. When earlier we had a permanent home, now comes the more popular vacation Apartments on the clock. Obviously, anyone in life was the situation when the apartment was needed for 2 hours, and found it was not so obvious. Sure, there are hotels, but the cost of rooms in these establishments is much higher. In addition, often in hotels do not have seats. Hourly apartment in Moscow – a perfect solution in this situation. Make one call You’ll have an apartment for several hours at a low price. As the custom in those apartments have all convenience. Often there is even a sauna and Jacuzzi, though of course, that rental apartments on the clock in this case will cost the small expensive.

But you will be able to really nice to spend your free time. Home, any can be removed on decency hours are allocated to groups: economy, standard and so on. Similarly, the order, each customer will be able to take a closer look flat on your taste and pocket. By thorough account of all that is necessary is the most affordable apartments. It is clear that the higher the price, the more facilities and equipment provided in the apartment, and its interior is more attractive. Naturally, people who decided that the hourly apartment in Moscow – a suitable option for them to have the opportunity to choose the most convenient area. Which is another advantage over the hotel rooms. <Apartment for 2 hours? Then you need only call and choose a suitable apartment. At almost any time in the presence of a free Apartments of any class in many areas. With this choice, each customer can choose exactly what he needs.

Housing Mortgage Lending

According to the accounts of numerous customers of banks, the crisis in the Russian mortgage put into raising rates by banks in the 1.5 – 2 times and requirements for early repayment of its obligations. In February 2010, the Law of 15.02.2010 11-FZ “On Introduction changes in the art. 29 of the Federal Law “On Banks and Banking Activity” was amended to radically change things in the mortgage. Now the bank during the term of the contract can not be increased amount of interest and commission, at its discretion, to change the order of payment. The law seeks to protect the borrower from disqualification, to make it more secure socially and financially. A number of financial experts believe that this measure is contrary to the universal practice, and can freeze the growth of bank mortgage lending in Russia, or even collapse the market. It is assumed that this measure is temporary and will be adjusted after the stabilization of the financial situation in the country. February’s legislation provides for other measures to support the housing legislation: in accordance with the Law 12-FZ of 16 February 2010 will be extended term use of the National Welfare Fund for Vnesheconombank on the period from 2015 to 2020.

Cash in the amount of 40 billion rubles, placed in deposit accounts Vnesheconombank 2015, will be transferred to credit quality of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. ” Extension of the use of funds through 2020 will provide additional opportunities to support mortgage lending in Russia. Law 22-FZ of 09.03.2010 “On Amending Art. 3 of the Federal Law “On Mortgage Securities Act allows banks to issue bonds for loans up to 80% of the cost of housing (previously authorized bonds for loans with an initial contribution of at least 30% the cost of housing). Issuance of mortgage loans is even more simplified.

Statistics of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending “, unfortunately, indicates that the risk of insolvency of customers with an initial contribution to 20% in 2 times higher than customers with 30% down payment. Enacted law, as we see, with all the positive customer component, carries considerable financial risk. Act of 09.03.2010, 25-FZ “On Amending the Federal Law “About Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services” creates the conditions for the resettlement of residents from dilapidated housing, not only in high-rise apartment buildings, but also in low-rise. Are given guidelines for the Fund Reforming public utilities, are formed in the regions targeted programs, establishes requirements for applications to the Fund, the expenditure of federal funds. Houses on the fz provides no more than 3 storeys and not more than 4 sections (According to several apartments in the section). Prices per square meter recorded Ministry of Regional Development for each federal entity. Excess prices paid by regional funds.

Central Administrative District

Global economic and financial crisis that affects all sectors of the economy, the instability of the national currency rate and other factors that have led to major changes in rents offices. Commercial Property Class “A” in the Central Administrative District offered today on the average for 1200 dollars per square meter. pm, the premises of Class “B” can be rented by paying from $ 800 per sqm, class “C” – from $ 400 per “square”. Experts believe that the decline of ruble prices for Moscow office space has reached the price bottom, while the dollar rate will decline in future, if they continue the trend begun on the ruble. As According to statistics, the most in demand right now tenants offices located in West, South West and North-administrative counties. According to a study conducted by the analytical service 4Rent Estate, more all lost in the price of offices located in the metro station “. In this area, office class A can be rented for $ 480.

Offices in the metro station “Kiev” are offered for lease for $ 640 per square. pm, and on the “” at $ 650 per sqm According, among the most interesting proposals are the following options for renting and buying office property: – Company 4Rent Estate offered for sale in the north of Moscow, near the Sokol metro at All Street, part of an office building with total area of 3000 sq.m. to $ 2500 per sq. m. – A very attractive offer from British Property. The business center class “A” in the metro area Krylatskoe offered for lease ten floors of 800 sqm, priced at $ 600 per sq.m. – Office space area of 98-609 sq.m. in the prestigious business center of class “A” “Novinsky Passage (m ), offered by Fellton Group in the lease to 1300 usd per sq.m.