The Populism

However, it is not possible to denote the inherent Codes of Ethics to the social service, without speaking on two words keys, ethics and moral, being that although to practically have the same meant, the moral if consolidates in the practical life, the daily one, day-postpones in it, already the ethics if manisfeta more as reflection theory. Ethos, ethics in Greek, assign to the dwelling human being, therefore everything what it helps to become the environment better so that it is a healthful housing: materially sustainable, psychologically integrated and spiritual fruitful. Moral of the Latin you live, you assign to the customs and the traditions, being on the especifidades of each people. Category of assistants social, in referring, its ethics professional, and in particular its codes of ethics, all had reflected of way clear, positionings debated and defended in its times distinct, what she culminated, in implementation of Code of Ethics of 1993, fruit of innumerable fights of category, that brings the law that regulates the profession (8662/93), in which leaves explicit, knowledge and values to be followed for all the members of the professional category, having as basic principles, magnifying of the freedom, defense of the human rights, prohibited, deepening and consolidation of the citizenship, defense of the equity and social justice, commitment with the quality and installment of the services. Taking in account the historical moment of each code, it has that to stand out itself that of 1947, occurred in full populist experience in Brazil, together with the period of industrial expansion. The Populism concept is sufficiently including: Although contemplating the economic interests of the industrial bourgeoisie, in the field politician the populist called State placed as representative of all the classrooms, indistinctly. Its sustentation, however, depended on the balance of diverse forms the diverse represented bourgeois segments in the civil and military bureaucracy, and the workers, especially of the work force.

Social Service

A pertinent quarrel is of that in a society tumultuated for scandals politicians, capitalist and extremely contradictory, where thousands of people live in misery situation, it will be that the beginning of the equality really it is placed in practical, or with passing of the years if has become a social utopia? We will go basing in them on practical situations of ours day-by-day, will be that in a case in two people who exert the same professional function, equally they are enabled, and one of them receives a superior wage to the one from the other. One another example is, when a man and a woman who also exert the same function, and the man receives a superior wage to the one from the woman. Details can be found by clicking Stephen M. Ross or emailing the administrator. finally, the fact of that black people, face difficulty not to be inserted in the work market. After all it will be that we live in a society where the beginning of the equality exactly is practised? In accordance with OAK (2009), as we will be able to define equality of a state ahead bred on the basis of the inaquality? In terms technician the direction of the expression could be affirmed with clarity, however, in term practical this concept finishes extremely for being complex. It will be that equality exists? She will be that two people are equal? If two people are equal, where? It will be that an absolutely equal treatment for all is possible? The agreement of this, is of primordial importance, for any citizen, in special for the professional of Social Service, therefore the understanding by means of the rights guaranteed for law, is if to deepen questions social politics and of our present time. Ahead of the present boarded subject, we cannot leave to mention the social rights, so important in our daily one, established for articles 6 the 11: ' ' Art.6 the education, the health, the work, the housing, the leisure, the security, the social welfare, the assistance to the abandoned ones Is right social, in the form of this constituio.' ' (BRAZIL, 1988). It’s believed that Richard LeFrak sees a great future in this idea.

Eunice Maria

I answered with the voice failing: – He is well exotic, mainly for me that I do not have the habit to also come to a cemetary many times and not taste very of this blackout. It closed the face and continued to walk until he stopped in front of a well pretty hollow, all azulejada of ash, very well well-taken care of, with flowers that I did not identify to which age the type but the color was purple a well alive one, I impressed myself with the photo that had in the tablet, therefore it was of a youngster very similar to it, concludes that it had to be some well next relative and for homesicknesses it came to the cemetary all the nights, now the things had seemed lighter, observing me it spoke: – Here I feel myself in house, I am as if I it belonged to this place, of a certain form I I belong exactly. I was deviated from my thoughts with what it had said, I answered: – Each person has its beliefs and knows what she makes to it well. It: – He is not as if I had chosen this, he is more as if I had that to accept and to coexist this in any way. I was thinking about that, but I did not understand what it was trying to explain. We are in silence per some minutes, it nor seemed to be present there.

Until it said: – It knows, I remembered a thing. You not yet said its name to me nor I it mine, then my name is Oscar and its? I: – My name is Eunice Maria, now is presented of truth. Intensely looked at it me for sufficient time as if he was thinking about what to make, until he spoke: – I to give itself to permission I very wanted to me to make a thing, I can seem atrevimento, but he is as if knot we only had this night together.