Agricultural Rights

If you feel that you have requested unreasonably large amount for registration of land ownership and is supported by any documents, then please refer to the municipal authorities to establish a monetary limit for extreme survey. The legal regime of land are determined on the basis of their belonging to one category or another, and permitted use in accordance with the zoning areas and demands of the law (paragraph 2 of Article 7 of LC RF). Earth in the Russian Federation for its intended purpose are divided into the following categories: Agricultural lands; Earth settlements; Earth special, industry, energy, transportation, telecommunications, broadcasting, television, computer science, earth for space activities, land defense, security and other special-purpose earth specially protected territories and objects, forest lands, the Earth's water fund reserve lands. Acquisition of land rights. LC RF provides the following types of rights to land: The property, permanent (perpetual) use, lifetime inheritable possession, and limited use of another's land (easement); Land Lease, gratuitous use. A simplified registration of citizens' rights to land. Currently, citizens do not need to register limited property rights to land. Entered into force on September 1, 2006 Law on the simplified procedure of registration of citizens' rights allows without any additional decisions on the provision to register once ownership and thus: reissue limited property rights, legalized plots in the absence of properly Registration entitlement. This simplified procedure is applicable only in respect of land presented to citizens for: private farming (LPH), suburban economy; gardening; Horticulture; Individual civil engineering, private housing construction.

Yamaha Motors

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Inspect the shaft for no scratches or wear. If the butt sleeve is worn, it should be replaced. This happens if the screw nut was not tightened. Carefully inspect the propeller shaft seal – not whether there was packed fishing line? In detection of any foreign object inspect oil is tapped from reduktora.Smazat propeller shaft, replace the bushing and set screw (make sure it is in good condition) and tighten the nut screw half a turn more than you can tighten it just rukami.Slit amount of oil, which remove the top plug first, then lower the cover (check the O-rings on caps).