Expanding The Bathroom. Visually .

Huge bathroom with a window in the wall, stylish couches and a view onto the terrace with a Japanese rock garden for the vast majority of us yet an impossible dream. But in the harsh urban environment we often have a 'black square '. And even a relatively large bathroom is never large enough to implement all plans. Thus, the 'kingdom is not enough, nowhere to roam, "as saying everyone knows her stepmother from a fairy tale 'Cinderella'. And at the expense of its neighbors are not expanded – prevents chief wall.

And maybe try to solve the problem, sought a domestic reserves, visually expand the space that surrounds us? Maybe we should make missing square footage at least virtually, simply by creating visibility? You should start with the layout of the room layout in order to dispose of correctly that is. Development of advanced systems installation allows accommodate all plumbing items not on their usual places, as well as we need, which will gain if not meters, then at least several tens of centimeters. And the visual space to unload. For example, it is very advantageous is a variant of the angular placement not only bath and shower, and sink or toilet. If there is a technical possibility, a bath or shower can be totally or partially drowned in a niche. If the plumbing reserves space is not as great as we would like, you can easily save and then by selecting a specially designed for small bathrooms mini-plumbing, occupies much less space than usual.