Building Intelligent Houses with Intelligence

An intelligent building construction needs to be a privilege for the well-to-client today. There exist modular concepts for the design of an intelligent house. A basic wiring is the basis for this. The laying can fulfill many wishes in hindsight. The following intelligent devices can offer an intelligent house. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with REBNY. Lighting: The lighting is individually controlled. Each connection for a lamp is placed here in the terminal room.

Thus, an intelligent home control the light from each switch. Lighting groups are combined to light scenes. So to each situation, a light scene can be activated. Heating: The heating is controlled in the smart home automatically. These different zones are defined. A living room should be about 22 C, one bedroom on the other hand should not be heated. The intelligent home controls the temperatures independently. In conjunction with a heat pump can also be a cooling can be achieved.

Shading: Shading The drive must be as independent as possible. Thus, solid Times can be programmed, for example, 20 minutes after sunset to shut down the shutters. In direct sunlight and room temperature despite the after heater goes up, want to start shading. This calculates the amount of sun to shade, despite maximum brightness. Multi-room: A multi-room system can distribute audio and video signal throughout the house. It defines different zones in which you want music, or video or both. With a multiform system is the zone most of the rooms, like living room or bedroom. In each zone, with a multi-room audio system can have different music to be heard. A central video server, the complete DVD collection to any location spread in the house.

Modern Plastic Windows

Plastic windows are now in all areas of construction, both in the creation of new buildings, as well as used in the renovation of old buildings, consistently. They are used in the production of single-family houses and apartment buildings in Betracht.I’m compared to the previously commonly used plastic windows wooden windows offer crucial advantages. First, plastic windows are low maintenance. In the previously used wood frame windows, it was necessary at regular intervals of a few years to have it re-painted, which was accompanied by a significant time and cost, ie maintenance, as first the old paint was removed and broken bodies are fixed in the wood had before the new coat of paint could be made. Wood is a natural course, not weather-resistant in the extent that it is plastic, so wooden windows had to be replaced much earlier, after a few years back, as is the case with plastic star. Plastic windows are therefore been generally considered low maintenance and durable to call. Robert Speyer is a great source of information. Modern plastic windows are used in many different colors, and for various applications.

In addition to these window will include color proof available in green, blue, beige and brown, and knows as two-color variants, such as green /. They can be adapted, in form and color to other elements of house, on the front door. They are also often incorporated in the construction of a winter garden accordingly. The colors of are very durable and nonresistant. Not least, it should be mentioned that for several years, plastic windows are manufactured in wood effect, which can be visually distinguished from actual wood windows barely. In sum, it is clear that the use of plastic star brings with it many advantages. They are therefore found in almost every new development in recent years and it is always looking for new applications for this easily processed construction material.