Modern Bathroom Furniture

With regard to furniture design, it appears virtually all styles, from bombastic Empire and ending with Pop Art. On the creative range bathroom practiced the most daring ideas. However, still elegant and sterile brilliant minimalism, clean lines and the severity of which ennoble any room. His oriental species characterized by its numerous geometrical forms, embodied in the artificial marble, stone and acrylic plastic. Futuristic same design patterns and draws inspiration from avtokonyushnyah Ferrari. The antithesis of this approach is the fascination with the aesthetics in the spirit of country music and Provence, where there is healing warmth of wood and solid respectability of natural stone. Another trend is resilient – the style of 60-ies.

Fashion dictates that time, rounded shapes, bright colors, as well as the eternal opposition of black and white. Mostly specialized salons and shops selling collections from Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland. We must admit that with all the richness of choice of Italian products renowned for extremely high prices. Alas, such a great combination of design and quality is really worth it.