English Cut

As people begin to feel tightened by the payment of the mortgage, it goes less to the English Cut. I saw. As the English Cut it note, buys less to the manufacturer of socks of Matar, that did not know either that they existed ninja. vii. The manufacturer of socks thinks that, as sells less socks, she begins to him to exceed personal and dismisses a few. viii. And this is reflected in the unemployment index, essentially in Matar, where people begin to buy less in the stores.

This is a Dictionary of words. What happens is that the word Crisis 2007-2008 is very serious. The title can induce to error, thinking that the crisis is going away to finish in 2008. Now another question comes: Until when it is going to last this? Then very good question, also. very difficult to answer, for several reasons: Because it is followed without knowing the dimension the problem (the numbers vary of 100,000 to 500,000 million dollars) Because it is not known who are the affected ones. One does not know if my Bank, the one of all the life, serious Bank and with tradition in the zone, has much nastiness in the Assets.

The bad thing is that my Bank does not know it either. ** (The 19.2.08, Fitch reduced the rating of Caixa Laietana of a to BBB+, due to the increasing exhibition to the real estate sector in the last three years. A day before had reduced the rating of Caixa Galicia., of A+ to a, with similar arguments.) When, in America, the mortgages paid by ninja are not executed, that is to say, the Banks can sell the mortgaged houses by the price that is, something will be worth the MBS, CDO, CDS and until the Synthetic. Meanwhile, nobody is entrusted in anybody. 9 Commentary: Somebody has described east subject like the great swindle Others have said that the Crack of the 29, compared with this, is a game of children in the playground of a convent of nuns Enough, perhaps many, have become rich with bonus that have been receiving.