DEOL Partners

DEOL Partners invites to focus on three main areas in the development of Master Plan: Development of the territory and infrastructure of European standards and Eurocodes social infrastructure facilities. Territorial development and infrastructure of the city about the importance of bridges, roads, communications, transportation, everything they say, and this issue will always come back, because they are one of the most challenging and priority in the decision. But now must not speak, and implement specific steps that can quickly and effectively correct the situation, both in the city and the industry as a whole. We propose to consider the infrastructure from a different perspective – from the point investor's perspective. If the investor's intention to develop the real estate development project in many countries, such as those close to many of our fellow citizens as Turkey and Egypt, the municipal authorities in every way conducive to the realization this project.

The authorities provide investors and developers all the necessary infrastructure – and this access road and connect to networks, and other issues. Many of the objects get tax relief on a specific time or on imports of equipment and materials. These factors directly affect the duration of the projects. For an investor and developer, this approach is the key to making a decision to which country invest. The property for the city – it's jobs is to develop the territory, is taxes. An important step on the part of local authorities – a change of attitude awareness of the need to own property and its role in the city.