Harvest says in them: ' ' One of the problems of our time is the use of speeches that are propagated as universal. Where singular has the achatamento of saying, the gesture and the personal language of Another one has abuse of being able. Thus the paper of the therapist is not to give codes of behaviors, to teach what it is right or wrong, allowed or forbidden, but he is that one that if places next to the demand of the patient stops with it nominating in the possible measure do, with its personal language, its history of life, its existencial pain, its human destination. History in the sample in its movement, that it is constructed through the singularidades. It can be said that the great theories, doctrines and conquests, always have something very singular. The proper religions have its founder; exactly that if it knows that was all a movement, a history to arrive itself where was arrived. As example if it can evidence: The Isl also has its founder, Maom. The buddhism with Buddha, the Christianity we have Jesus Christ.

Who can deny that It was the great singularity of the history of the humanity. Perhaps let us can say that it was because of the proper singularity? It is possible, therefore its history of life points in this direction. Let us see: in the time of Jesus it had some groups: Essnios, Fariseus, Zelotas, group of Joo Baptist. Distanciou even of the proper family, it was many times tachado of blasphemer, to act by means of ' ' belzebu' ' , to inflict the law of Saturday, of to pardon sins where God was only who could; to only illustrate. But it did not follow no group; for the opposite he called new followers and he established its community. The result already is known; very it was not seen, he was died well and crucificado.