Basic Definitions For Online Money Making

For those who want to start making money online, there are some technical terms and definitions that must be addressed as soon as possible. Let’s see what are the main definitions for the parallel orbit and Internet businesses. Definitions related to statistics Impressions: It is the number of times a particular advertisement has been Bisto. It is especially important for monitoring the performance of an advertising campaign from the point of view of the webmaster (ie, profit) and advertisers (who pays for campaigns). Pey per click or PPC: is when someone if you send a link via the left mouse button. A user is on your site, see the ad (banner or otherwise). The relationship between impressions and clicks (CTR) is critical to understand the true success of an advertising campaign.

UV: Unique Visitors. It’s like the click only stores the IP number of clicks to be calculated. Lead: Payment is by faith, namely, for each person who registers for a particular service, a forum for a contest or other. Pay per sale: You earn a commission for each product sold through your site, in most cases, use cookies to identify users, even if the sale occurs after several days, it still is credited . CTR (Click Through Rate): The relationship between clicks and impressions. ROI: ROI is the ratio between investment and benefit, of course, is crucial because it determines the success or failure of the campaign, but it is very important for us webmasters to manage their advertising campaigns. Conversion ratio shows the relationship between the number of clicks and sales generated. For example, if your site generates a sale every 10 clicks, our conversion rate equal to 10%.

ADS: abbreviation that is sometimes used to indicate the advertising! PPC – Pay Per Click: Pay per click generated PPL – Pay Per Lead: payment for each subscription generated. und. PPC – Pay per sale: payment for each sale generated CPC – Cost per click: Indicates the amount we pay per click CPA – Cost per action: Indicates the amount they are paid per share (eg, registration) CPA – Cost per sale: Indicates the amount SNOs pay for each sale generated from our site. CPM – (cost per thousand impressions, also known as pay per impression): in this case, just about the display of ads and not click. Income is generally established in 1000 impressions. I hope that those of the definitions have been useful.