Woodworking Industry

Designer furniture from Italy – is the variety of styles and their most daring combinations, how to make a unique situation bedrooms, living room or kitchen. The choice of materials of Italian furniture is not limited to the classical types of wood – oak, maple, walnut or cherry. Now actively use modern and high tech materials: glass, metal, stone, mdf, lacquer and enamel coating, and even carbon fiber. "On the Russian market over the past years by legislators furniture fashion are Italians, especially with regard to the furniture of classic style, – says Andrey Raduhin, director general of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Industry of Russia. – At the same time, Russian furniture companies are not standing still in terms of new design development, drawing on the contributions of domestic and foreign experts.

In these segments of the furniture, like kitchen and soft, the successes of domestic furniture manufacturers are most noticeable. Current production is quite competitive, not more than the Italian. " For example, the famous Russian furniture brand Mr.Doors in 2007 acquired the Italian brand Paolo Marchetti, that enables us to produce series of furniture in the classic style of premium price segment. Here, we see that domestic and foreign manufacturers are perfectly coexist together, offering consumers the Russian furniture of different styles on every taste and budget. Transparent foreigners and compatriots Windows – this is the most valuable and simultaneously most inconspicuous element of the interior of our apartments. Now, in anticipation of cold winter weather, many rush to replace old wooden windows, cracked and windswept, energy-saving plastic construction.