What To Choose – Montenegro Or Croatia ?

The traditional view is that Montenegro – the direction of a cheap, Croatia – expensive. This is partly true, especially if you compare the cost of products and prices in restaurants: the difference will amount to 10-15 percent in favor of Montenegro. On the side Montenegro and the fact that the currency of this country – the euro, and Croatia in the course of the local kuna, and the exchange rate set by the state. Much easier to transfer the amount of Kuna in rubles, not euros – so prices will be the order of understood immediately. In 2007, a coon was 5 rubles. Average check in the Croatian restaurant – 100-120 kuna (lunch of 2 courses and a glass of wine) at a pizzeria (Montenegrin-Croatian ubiquitous fast food) we can restrict Coon 70-80. In Montenegro, respectively, 10-15 for a restaurant and a pizza for 5-8 -spaghetti. On housing – rental apartments and hotels – the situation is quite the opposite: less expensive rental in Croatia, because there is housing many times more than in Montenegro, while the bulk tourists – thrifty Germans and Dutch.

The choice of accommodation in Croatia is so great that even in August to find a good apartment or house can be 1-2 weeks before travel. In Montenegro, the same, especially in the area of Budva and St. Stephen, all the accommodations (and decent, and not) in August sold out within 2-3 months, with prices often large sum: three bedroom apartments with views of the island of St. Stephen could cost 1100 per week or more. For comparison, in Croatia, a decent rental apartments by the sea with two bedrooms and air-conditioning will cost 800-900 per week. Continuation of the article What to choose – Montenegro or Croatia?