Ukraine and Spain Real Estate

Sink or swim? Portrait of a property buyer The first type is conventionally called a "loser." "Losers" – these are real estate agents who have been unlucky in the sense that they have developed their coveted square footage on the peak in prices and even in credit. What were these prices? By the fall of 2008 on the secondary market studio apartment in a residential area was a metropolis of about 50-60 thousand USD, one-bedroom – about 60-90 thousand USD for three-sellers asked tys.u.e. 90-120 depending on the age of the house, layout and condition of the apartment. To date, type of buyer was described in the most disadvantaged: first, for the acquired property paid overcharge and morally difficult to realize that almost half the amount spent on the purchase could be saved, and secondly, is implemented on the acquired property expended original cost at the moment not to be may, as prices have fallen by almost half compared with September 2008, in the third, the rapid growth of the U.S. dollar (and the bulk of loans were issued in that currency) automatically, based on national currency become more expensive and the body of the loan and interest paid to bank for him. In all of this yet, "losers" in a win. They got a mortgage banking! After all, most banks today either do not do loans, or loans under the "barbaric" high interest rates. "Loser," though overpaid for the purchased property in relation to prices for similar housing to date, and received an additional rise in the burden bank loan, but they still bought their own homes and spared from having to bear the expenses for his rent.