The Property

We prefer the expression? technological? for distinguiz it of the scope of sciences properly said, the term ' ' cincia' ' it has held some meanings: it can not only assign the scientific knowledge organized around an object or any knowledge since that systemize, logical, methodical, critical. This position of the edge the confusion. We cannot call a jurist, a doctor, a musician, one politician, of scientist. He is a technologist. 5.4.1- The right is a repository of behavior norms, imposed coercitive, aiming at to adjust the behavior of the individuals to the objectives of each estadoi: ubi societas ibi jus.

All rule of law is servant, and applied, with determined intention. If a government plans to fight the inflation, low norms of restriction of the credit, wage wage freeze, increase of the interests, aiming at to dry the demand. If the state if considers to stimulate the production, to the opposite, will create stimulatons, as low interests, better wages, reduction of the exportation tariffs, will open credit facilities to the producers. A state that defends the private property of the capital goods has the well different legal system of that it condemns the private property and alone it admits the production for the state. The same radical difference we find between states that defend the liberal-democracy and those of organization fascist or Soviet the right in a state escravocrata is one, different of that abolitionist. And so on. In all state, it has necessity of social order, security to the integrity of the people and to the property, protection to the basic rights of the men, respect to the word freely pledged, state autonomy against attacks and external mediations, economic and cultural progress, preservation of the conquests of the civilization etc the maintenance of statu quo alone is possible thanks to the norms imposed for the state, coercitive, folloied of severe sanctions for the infractors.