Honoring Nature

The popular expression: eRespira gratisu because the air is a reminder that there are at least as vital a commodity that should not be charged. Also at stake is seemingly limitless wealth, its use without any added value, which does not happen with the water must be purified and taken to the homes. Air is a natural right, without restriction, using all beings aerobics. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Castle Lanterra has to say. My question is: given that even the most prudent of mortals has significant levels of narcissism, will there be psychologists who are not paid for their work because they have the fantasy that their service is so essential and free as air? Compare also to psychologists free with very beautiful people walk the streets freely lavished the fascinating landscape of her personal appearance no charge to be looked at. In a display of modesty and generosity worthy of being applauded, lavished his natural gifts as psychologists, for free, as would any reasonable human being to recognize with humility that her beauty (or wisdom) is a gift graciously received from nature, that does not belong and should be bestowed as a sunset. Clinically, who work for free are timid or recognize that their work is worthless (what is priceless? What is negligible?).

However, assuming that weakness would be too painful. That's where these other fantasies arise (the air and natural beauty), in a less conscious level enable them to develop a justification soothing. blogspot. com I apply my energy more Lacanian psychoanalysis because I am sure that with this scientific art you can enable the development of skills that we all have potential. I reason like this: Being rich is about helping others and being poor is for others to help us. Therefore: I do not want to be rich to be poor..