CARE that you should of have with TU dog or puppy as feeding and training if we want that dog long life us and be healthy, must be taken care and attention towards him, is not only buy or adopt a dog or puppy and now. Dogs need to eat to stay and grow strong, and there are both dry foods such as canned, and both one and other have their advantages and disadvantages:-these dry foods are beneficial for the dog’s teeth since chewing tooth it gets stronger, but moisturize it shortly. -Canned foods moisturize enough but it is more expensive and its odor becomes not very pleasant meal hours are something very important and not all take them such into consideration or as important as it should be, they may be distributed in several ways. On the one hand can leave the comma when you have desire, giving you access to the food freely, this is very comfortable for one since you forgotten be giving you eat but this does not always work, since usually they fall into the overweight. The other way is accustomed to eating at fixed hours, with what can be controlling what you eat easily.

No it should be given food outside business hours and food of ours never should be given. To do so, cause many problems, as:-always be requested whenever you feel to eat – is very likely to reject your food – then among others… If one day it seems you give meat rather than its portion, which is not nothing advisable, not be des it never crude or you wrought farts, digestive problems (for lack of habit) and a disgusting breath, cook it a little and avoid these problems in addition to eliminating the risk of parasites. You must exercise regularly. It’s stable and impose a few fixed schedules. In terms of the duration of the walks, the more lasts better.

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