Hertz Wave

We are proud to present W-166 3-stage marine compressors this year our new Hertz compressors on the SMM Hamburg 2012. The compressors provide services traditionally proven piston technology, but with further major improvements for even greater efficiency and performance. Start and work air compressor in one of the compressors of the wave series can be used not only for the launch of the ship’s engines, but also when you open the dam gates, in changing the direction of turbine blades and many other applications. All components of the W-166 products have been developed for the reduction of the energy costs. The strongest Member of the wave series produces 200 m3/min compressed air at 31KW and 40 bar. Thanks to our excellently trained and experienced engineers at Hertz compressors for lower energy costs for higher performance. The wave series represents not only an efficient solution, but is also user friendly working conditions compared to the solutions offered in the market.

In particular the Use of axial wheels reduces the noise level during operation on 83 dB. This is the electronic control unit standard equipment of the wave series. Thus, you can control all operating parameters such as temperature, pressure, oil pressure, service or electrical parameters and monitor on the monitor. The new wave series cover the 16 and 31 kW performance classes and produce compressed air between 110-200,7 m3/min at 40 bar. As a member of the d group, Hertz compressors has 40 years of experience in ship compressors. Thank you to our new wave series in which status 102 present SMM Hamburg, Hall 2 can. You are cordially invited to this presentation. About Hertz compressors, the Hertz KOMPRESSOREN GmbH is a premium brand of existing since 1965 d group company, one of the leading manufacturers of air compressors worldwide.

She specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of compressed air compressors and associated spare parts sale. Customer satisfaction worldwide first stands for Hertz compressors Instead. That’s why we develop and produce our products at a reasonable price. We offer creative, ambitious and pragmatic solutions for the many challenges of our customers. The global market for compressed air offers a high potential for continued growth in the years to come. Our goal is to become one of the world’s leading provider for air compressors. Products and services of highest quality are a prerequisite.