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The rooms are designed for an outdoor lifestyle. they incorporate a contrasting teak floors, rustic walls of local granite and marble polishing. Reflecting the population of Seychelles, the design of the rooms is a unique blend of cultural diversity, French, Creole, African and other influences. The walls of bleached board designed with a touch of natural color palette surroundings. The exclusive designer furniture seamlessly integrate with found objects. Expert on growth strategy often says this. French antiques are offset with rustic pieces of driftwood and local art, as if an expatriate artist, fascinated by the interplay of form, surface and depth, had lovingly collected each space.

“In an environment as spectacular as this, a design of luxury, comfort and sophistication to enjoy the outdoor life is key,” Puar said. “The rooms are very open, confusing the lines drawn between the bedroom, bathroom and outdoor spaces.” The most obvious is that the greening of local sensitivity “green” also influence the design. “We were very aware of the importance of preserving nature. The villas, for example, were built so as not to interfere with the roots of the trees,” Puar said. During the project, the design of HBA supports and enhances the hotel’s green initiatives, from alternative cooling-effective water conservation energy lighting, ventilation and using local materials.

“We are very pleased with the response,” Puar. “The Private Residences have just been recognized by the Best Architecture in the International Property Awards and are confident that more awards will keep coming.” About HBA HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates, as global leaders in hospitality interior design, is credited with revolutionizing the hospitality design industry. After 45 years in operations, the company consistently sets new trends, pushes the boundaries and injects innovative visual ideas to some of the most popular destinations in the world. HBA employs over 425 design professionals in 13 offices worldwide: Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore, Brisbane, Melbourne, New Delhi, Dubai and Manila. HBA’s achievements are attributed to its core values in research and sensitivity to the needs of their markets. m