Pregnancy Tips

Be sure to sign up to the pool – swimming will help to remove voltage with aching muscles. Many young mums help special massage mats, which are conveniently mounted on the driver's seat. If something suddenly goes wrong, immediately turn the 'emergency gang' and stop. Brakes on possible smoothly to running track machine accidentally bumped into you. GOOD Sitting in the second trimester, toxemia usually lets the future mothers and their health improves noticeably. However, some discomfort may remain.

As a child literally devour her mother, a hungry pregnant woman. as diabetic patients, sometimes dramatically reduces blood sugar levels. So remove the crackers from the salon cars do not need and should add to them chocolate. Change in blood circulation and weight gain may trigger the development of varicose veins. Therefore, to sit in one position for a woman in the position is not recommended.

Standing in a traffic jam, it's better to keep the right number to every 40-60 minutes, you can stop and walk around the car. Restore blood flow, a simple exercise: Stand straight and slowly rise up on tiptoes and falls on the heels, while being careful to maintain balance and not deny housing or forward or backward. By the way, the car – the perfect place to listen to music or audiobooks with a toddler. do not get involved in heavy rock music, loud noises can frighten a child who has heard what is happening outside. Turn on classical music or nursery rhymes, it will calm and relax you both. BIRTH in the car? Despite the growing belly and breast tenderness, in any case can not stop the seat belt in the car. In the case of accident could strike his stomach on the steering wheel or the glove compartment, and it is for a toddler is much more dangerous than if the mother gently pristegnetsya. In addition, for pregnant women sell special seat belts: they assign the tape below the abdomen, so properly protecting the child. In the most recent date the stomach may already be so large that the drive will become uncomfortable. At the same time, no restrictions for pregnant women at the wheel there, so that there are women who sit behind the wheel with bouts to go to the hospital. Deliveries usually last about 6 hours, so if melee is increasing slowly, it takes you to the hospital, not yet begun in great pain. However, such an exercise is too risky and chances are better to call a cab or ask someone to drive you to any of his relatives. Effective planning pregnancy