Laughing We Laugh – Why?

Philo sophos portrait: laughter briefly and concisely Aristotle has given two definitions of the people. He is the living creature that has language, and he is the living beings, which can laugh. The laughter can makes people human. The laughter, a legacy of the gods to humans, requires no justification, it comes to all the people. Read more here: jim king. The man laughs as the rose blooms. You could here about laughing mother thinking at the sight of her child.

It would be nonsensical to ask a why here. However: is not always the laughter for no apparent reason. We hear this story: A delinquent that runs on Monday to the execution, says: the week starts well. \”Why we laugh when listening to this story? The different types of the ridiculous can be essentially covered: we laugh because something in our minds will be connected, what can be thought of not easily as connected in our example: the imminent serious death is in a cheerful joke lifted, the beginning of the Week is at the same time their end of this explanation reason is for the laughter has been seen by numerous authors and described, where each a kind of contrast perception in the Center, the perception of antagonism, an inconsistency, a flagrant imbalance between a concept and its real appearance. Schopenhauer says succinctly: laughter is always the expression of a mismatch \”, i.e. laugh reflects a suddenly perceived mismatch between the term and the idea of one thing we introduce ourselves as a very sad and deeply pressing down event the gang the hell, and its real appearance of the man who makes a joke on themselves in this serious and sad situation.\” Two contradictory but at the same time true ideas are put side by side, and because we can merge these conflicting ideas not in a judgment, laughter is created.

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