Overcoming Personal

I was afraid there are fears with which we are accustomed to live and to which they have invited to be a part of our personality. -Feared estar sol @ until I learned to love me mism @. -He feared the darkness, until I saw the beauty of the light of a star. -He feared failure until I realized that only failure if I don’t try. -Feared that people express its views of me, until I realized account you anyway opinarian me.

-He feared ridicule, until I learned to laugh at myself. -Feared that they reject me, until I understood that it should have faith in me mism @. -He feared the truth, until I discovered the ugliness of the lies. -He feared the pain, until I learned that this is necessary to grow. -He feared the past, until I realized that not he could hurt me more. -He feared aging, until I figured out who won wisdom every day. -He feared to death, until I learned that it is not the end but rather the beginning. -I was afraid to change, up to I saw that even the most beautiful butterfly, needed to undergo a metamorphosis before flying. (This article was adapted and expanded by the y team, thanks to the contribution of one of our readers) Original author and source of the article