The Rent

"I'm staying in the pension Salome. Henry was pleased with the decision of his partner. Then he invited him to come to the apartment she shared with two other migrants. They had never been great friends, but also never had any disagreement. However, knowing that he knew someone in that great city, gave him some peace of mind. When I finally found the address he had given his friend, after giving a few turns, as it was a street not far known and he still knew nothing of this great city, Henry was waiting with a cold beer in hand. It was an old apartment with a cozy living room filled with posters, mostly of naked girls. He had three furnished rooms that were comfortable.

The bathroom and kitchen were large and unreformed. We talked a long time remembering the life on the island. "So you're staying in a pension," he said Henry. a "I guess not planning to stay there? -" Of course not, "he replied. "Tell me what options I have. I guess the rent must be expensive, "" Do not even hesitate. Everyone here rent-sharing expenses.

"And it's difficult to rent if you are not friends of yours? – Asked. "For nothing," he said. a "most share with people who do not know. I know someone who is looking for partner. Want to call him and ask if you have not found? – "Of course, you do not know how grateful I replied cheerfully. Alex seemed fantastic news.