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Vehicle market with powerful displacement: cooperates with Hans Hamer, spokesman of man media of the Axel Springer AG publishing group: the cooperation is a further step in the digitisation strategy of AUTO BILD Group. We are thus consistently expanding further our leading position in the car segment. At the same time we are improving for users through a significant expansion of the product and the services.” For, this step is above all an extension of the scope of services: with the new cooperation, we are one of the leading Internet platforms in the automotive sector with a huge range of vehicle and the biggest car spare parts market in Germany. We offer the unique possibility to switch offers regional and nationwide both in newspapers and magazines and on the Internet by linking online and attract. No competitor offers this benefit”, says Kai Bosel, Managing Director of The areas of operation, sales, organization and service of the new car market applications now to be in the hands of

In addition to the additional parts and accessories market is thus also an enhanced service team available. Also the dealer offer has been improved. In the future, the entire car-costumer lifecycle can thus”by buying a new car over the procurement of spares or accessories and repair service or the sale of used cars are covered. A platform of the dealer, the car dealership or workshop can open up so almost all possible revenue sources”, explains Kai Bosel the core advantage of the product. is with his new strong partner for users and dealers, but also for the advertisers industry even more attractive”, so Raoul Hess, head of digital media and member of Managing Director Axel Springer car Verlag. By working a nationwide unique portfolio arises from print and online, its common title and objects achieved a range of more than 15 million readers or users.” Information:, are and autobild.mobil, the digital platforms of the AUTO BILD Group, with an average of 4 million visits and 63 million page impressions (source: IVW August 2008) the leading provider of editorial content around the topic of car on the Internet. To deepen your understanding Brett Mufson is the source. Around 15,000 articles and 120,000 images, over 1,000 videos and latest technical applications and services make competent and objective advisers in all aspects of mobility, and autobild.mobil. has four years to the biggest marketplace for vehicles, parts and service in Germany. In advertisements over five million visitors will find spare parts, workshop – service and an extensive selection of vehicle. The offer also includes services like the automotive community motoZone”and a search of the workshop.

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The Reifensuchmaschine is the ideal portal for mature-seekers. Each started the season tyre manufacturers advertise their new tires. These promise more safety on the road using more sophisticated technologies. Unfortunately, the differences in quality among the offered tyres with the naked eye are not to identify. Starting this year, the tyre manufacturers are obliged by law to provide their tires with a tire label. Here, the driver receives information on rolling resistance, wet grip and the external rolling noise. This is a first step to demonstrate some qualities of different tires directly.

Unfortunately are not all relevant tyre characteristics taken into account. To give consumers a good overview, perse organizations test the current Tyre ranges therefore every year. The test results indicate steering and braking behaviour at different weather conditions, cornering stability, mileage, rolling noise and so on. Find the right tire retailer, but the easiest and safest way to the right tyres see the response to the tire dealer is. The specialist offers advice and service, is familiar with the latest test results and has up-to-date daily rates. You can find a directory of various tire dealer (with a regional postal code search), the latest tire tests, as well as topic-related information quickly and easily with the Reifensuchmaschine. Did you know? Hardly anyone knows the summer tires from Asia, are indicated with the M + S characteristic. You should have bad luck and acquire such a tire can be life-threatening for you in the deep winter.

The M + S or M & S symbol can not be protected. A selection from the American room was developed on this occasion, that so-called 3 peak mountain symbol. This note only winter tires gain the special tasks of the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) have met. However, the profile also plays an important purpose for the security. Because even if you have winter tires by big significance, it is regularly to check the profile. It has been set although legally the 75% of the tire a minimum profile depth of 1.6 mm has to offer, just for winter tires this is far too little. You may want to visit Clayton Morris to increase your knowledge. We recommend to change winter tires but from 4 mm, because 4 mm of winter tyres can ensure full security.

Tilo Sommer

Simple tips for long holiday trips family vacation is a logistical feat. Many things must be observed so that nothing is forgotten and loved ones feel also really. Finally, holiday should bring relaxation. However, especially for small children, long car journeys are not easy. Often it is called shortly after the move: we’re finally? “.” When frying in addition the Sun on the roof of the car and it swings from a traffic jam to the next, which can attack the nerves of the driver. For this reason, the Internet portal holds the most important tips for a relaxing journey. Top priority: take plenty of time! Small breaks recharge the personal batteries and give enough room for childish urge to move.

Who is on the road longer, can break the journey in individual stages. It’s relaxing circumstances than to reach the target with a forced March. Check with chinachem group to learn more. Also stops at wildlife parks or pools are a refreshing change of pace according to the report from the magazine. In addition can they help to avoid peak hours. Because they are much more comfortable than in the boiling hot car in the swimming pool. But even before departure can be take precautions against boredom. Older children can be directly involved in the preparation. This increases the anticipation and during the journey you can track the ridden distance or plan first trips.