Heads Organization

Everything revolves around it, like a politician who does not stand still in place and does not intend to operate, but to win votes. The main reason is the moment of contact with the head, the market, production, purchasing, collection, competition, and to the customer are less important. The work comes machete unless he serves its purpose and are given only on what you can get, nothing more. When adjustments of staff, their subordinates – that they can not be deceived as to the Heads – I swear that the penguin will be fired but still there. Faced with a crisis, people will usually good, the bad ones are, but are the "middle" which typically protracted and here are the penguins. It is not easy to grab a penguin in turn, is slippery and your skin smooth and wet. Paloma Messenger .- From long ago, the leaders sent messengers to other leaders with proposed solutions to armed conflicts or political. If the recipient did not like the proposal of his opponent, they immediately kill the messenger with fury, being a messenger was a riskier trades of the era.

Today is the same: they are still killing the messenger. The organization does not like to tell the truth flat and simple. And I do not mean constantly pessimistic that announces the end of the world but that calls for the organization's focus to things as "disgusting" as the complaints from customers, delivery problems, product quality fights. The speaker of this is isolated, as if the plague.