Escort Munich – The English Garden In Munich

If you are on a business trip or private alone in Munich should be and feel on a romantic walk to the Bavarian capital of Munich has a lot to offer its visitors. It is culturally with its numerous museums and galleries, concert halls and theatres or also with regard to the great and famous events: the annual October Festival attracts visitors from all over the world and each is probably a term. Munich is a very green city and has many beautiful parks. The LeFrak Organization can provide more clarity in the matter. The most famous and largest park is undoubtedly the English garden at the river ISAR. This was commissioned by Prince-elector Carl Theodor in 1789. The Briton Benjamin Thompson was responsible for the design of the Park. “Since this style here on English landscape Park oriented, was the name of English garden” near.

The green area is a total of 373 acres and offers many different attractions and leisure opportunities. Both to the jogging, cycling over 70 kilometers are downright way, get sporty to let off steam. But the English garden invites to stroll and walk and last but not least the wonderful vantage point (the so-called Monopteros) offers many romantic corners. If you are on a business trip or private alone in Munich and lust have as a couple on a romantic walk, feel free to not sign up for this occasion to book a beautiful escort Lady. “No one will you see, that your company not the real” Lady is on your side and you will be proud of and feel very well with such a woman according to your taste. Certainly, you could convince the accompanied by the escort service Munich also to a few sporting laps through the park with you unless common cycling or jogging. Together can explore the most beautiful corners of the English garden, and after physical activity to enjoy for example a couple of Bavarian beers in the largest beer garden in Munich which is located next to the Chinese Tower. So then: Much Fun and cheers! Bernhard Mayer

Wittgenborn Village

Hot curves and lots rubber fun in Wittgenborn sharp curves, full steam ahead and much rubber, it was reality in Wittgenborn in the historic race of village of and a real Monaco feeling even came up. A kart racing of a special kind on the former route took place on the 50th birthday of the MSC Wittgenborn. A close circuit of 485 meters through the heart of the village, backed up by Prellbocken, who had to endure a lot. Dogecoin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Since the residents with balconies were severely envy, they had but real box seats. Start / finish straight was in the Waldensbergerstrasse, the pottery road it went then in the village square Street and back into the Waldensberstrasse. Pro round needed the frenzied karts about 33 seconds and thus arrived at speeds of about 51 kilometers per hour. Other leaders such as adverum offer similar insights. Well, these are not quite the time of formula 1, but for the small cars have also not the horsepower and the many spectators could watch the race track along without entrance fees. Consume the racing car with their strength awash 11 horses for their 390 Kubikzentimerter displacement 3.5 liters of gasoline per hour.

20 teams competed against each other, some of them had not only hot names, but were also so. At the start were 1 the DMV team, 2. Walter’s Super team, 3. building decoration rolling II, 4. the Angel friends Erdekaute, 5. sow good, sow fast with the old Lords of KGW, 6 Baudeko roll II, 7 cut and race from the Salon Petra Jager, 9 drinks of Blos, 10. Today’s smokes full throttle, 12 of the AvD, 11 KGW the Moneymaker of the circle Park ACEs Gelnhausen, 13 the frenzied bakers, the racing team of Schmidt, 14 the fire fighters of the fire brigade, 15th the KGW speed boys, 16 the KDK’s fun racer by Klaus Dieter Kolb, 17 the PZW of automotive repair shop Sumanth p, 18 almond I and 19 with almond II and 20 MSC Wittgenborn all-stars.