Civil Code

If you lease an apartment is for a period of more than a year, it is subject to state registration. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 609 CC RF citizens have the right to enter into lease agreements with each other including orally, but only if the lease term is less than a year. You may find that Elie Rieder can contribute to your knowledge. Notarial form to lease the apartment is not required. The lease an apartment shall contain the following conditions: – The data is transmitted on a temporary use of the apartment – the actual address of the apartment – the period for which rent premises – if the lease term in a contract is not set, then the lease is concluded for an indefinite period. – The amount of rent and order of its introduction – the rights and obligations of the parties. Tenant is desirable to require the landlord a copy of documents of title to the housing contract or social renting, the landlord confirming the entitlement to conclusion of the lease.

If the lease is not otherwise specified, the tenant may deposit premises in the sublease, the landlord so it is desirable to provide for the prohibition in the contract. The lease is and provide a deposit left by the tenant of the landlord: in fact the tenant can move out and take out furniture and appliances or just leave a bill for long distance calls, etc. If the employer faithfully fulfills the conditions of the contract, the owner of the dwelling shall return to him the bail. Of course, very good, if the lease contains a list of items (furniture and appliances) provided by landlord together with the apartment. According to Article 611 of the Civil Code the landlord must give the tenant an apartment in a state corresponding to the contract and assignment of property that is flat should be isolated and is suitable for permanent human habitation. If you find deficiencies housing tenant may: – require the lessor to grant or deficiencies of the property, or a proportionate reduction of rent or reimbursement of their costs to address the shortcomings of the property – just to keep the amount of costs it incurred to remove these shortcomings of the rent, by notifying the landlord – demand an early termination of the contract. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 621 of the Civil Code the lessee has a preferential right to enter into the next lease after the expiration of the prisoner before, if their duties he performed adequately.