Within the impellers of the crucian self-determination there are descendants or admirers of Croatian separatism. Croatia split from Yugoslavia in 1991 on the grounds that, despite speaking the same language that the Serbs, differed in their alphabet, religion and history. Cambas and Colla, on the other hand, for more than 4 centuries they share the same administration, creed and official language. However, crucian nationalism emphasizes that this, like Croatia, is more prone to the free market and to the West, while the plateau is like a steeper Serbia to statism and colliding with the us. However, separatist tendencies in Santa Cruz have two major obstacles.

One, there is no foreign power that promotes their independence. While Germany and Austria pushed to the EU and the us to promote Croatian independence, all residents of Bolivia and all powers do not want to fragment this. Two, there are many crucians identified with Bolivia (particularly within indigenous communities and in Camiri, where is the black gold). International analyst original author and source of the article..

The Internet Galaxy

It is obvious that cultural changes occurring in various areas, such as work and communication at all levels of the new equation, including within the territories defined by the division called borders. Can not claim that globalization, and less culture within it, is a homogeneous process. On the contrary, it is necessary to wait contradictions and conflicts. Everything here is fragmented, diverse, to be defined. HomeServices Relocation is often quoted on this topic. The culture is about as creative as various creative means or ways to create or results are established there is an overall enrichment. Obviously, this leads to a heterogenization sharpened, but already existed in the very condition of existence of the cultures they encounter.

Vs hyper. Thinking only Admittedly, however, that make the process of globalization from which some claim encallejonarlo, that is, economically and then, to a lesser extent, politically, to take to the field of socio-cultural, makes demands epistemological hyper and would require addressing issues such as chaos, self-organization, fractals and fuzzy sets. Manuel Castells (The information age, the city and citizens, The Internet Galaxy) insists on an analysis turned to the communication, a real virtuality, ie the symbols are converted into actual experience and which changes the concept of power and to reason logically. Lewis grigsby is likely to increase your knowledge. This leads to what we have already noted, to build networks and new forms of power and be reborn, in all its glory, the local life. It's something we might call with Zigmunt Bauman (Liquid Modernization, Globalization. The Human Consequences) to geography, one that affects so from love and human connections to the art itself.