Germany Products

New products allow barrier-free showers and swimming offers safety and comfort in the small bathroom – bath with entrance door and saves our old bathroom 1 m sq space in the bathroom – because we want to change something long… The old bathroom should be cleaned up once, the years of intensive use have left their mark. Swarmed by offers, Nobel Laureate in Economics is currently assessing future choices. Tiles, colours and decoration is no longer up-to-date, the shower is small and has a high single victory. The sliding shower door is still framed, has countless bars and care-intensive corners, cleaning is extremely expensive. Our basin already has a crack and the surfaces look dull. Many joints loose, are unsightly and no one knows if they really dense or already water penetrates into the building. Actually the bathroom also no longer fits into our remaining housing, because everything else is already renovated, bright, friendly.

The personal desire is an investment for decades many people think about to renovate your bathroom or change. Now you not himself with very long This topic and the selection of products nowadays seems to be incredibly large and cluttered. The most saves he who chooses quality, because the products are installed and water, hot water, circulation, heating pipes and sewage pipes are connected, also power cable, integrated lighting. Most people over 50 do quite casually said “her last bath” if one assumes an investment period of min. 30 years. Caution! Many sales stations increase the products for the final consumer enormously the many levels of trade from the manufacturer about purchasing associations, trade agencies, wholesalers with your bathroom from stables, craftsmen, retailers / bath studios to the end customer increase enormously the product! It is advisable to take the direct route. Example: On the bad professional Frank Weiss Olpe (NRW) buys the consumer directly into the respective work without intermediaries and without “Toilet cartel” (proven price fixing linked to 622 million fines on the Industry and the wholesalers in Germany in 2010).