Although this article could have a philosophical tone, is actually quite practical. But up to you start working on what I say. Categorically tell you that if you want to be a leader all the time self-motivated and excel in your professional work, it is vitally important that you define what your mission and your vision of life. This will make you do things rash in the eyes of others will be more open to taking risks, you will be more creative, to develop more sense of perseverance, in short, a empower you. The mission is your purpose for being, the purpose of your existence. What do you intend to accomplish in your environment, what will you do, for whom are you going to do, how you will help make this world better.

Vision is the scenario which you are going, that is, how do you imagine that materialize your mission in life? How do you take to the real life? The vision will guide your decisions and strategic growth in you’re going to convert. To find your mission and vision of life, you will require thinking about it. Some ideas for you to find out what your reason for being a leader are the following: Detects what key skills you have. In what you feel you’re good and notes signs that people will recognize it. Analyze what you enjoy doing and that no one would even pay you for it. What is it that fills you with satisfaction every time you do it.