Important Care Tips For Your Garden House In The October

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen informs the summer time has taken her end and soon the icy cold winter is coming. Now, the time has come to prepare the garden to the rapidly declining temperatures in the cold winter days. The House Administration Gamdhi casting gives you therefore important recommendations for the ornamental garden in October. Start you is it a perennial cut advisable already in the fall to begin to cut back the perennials in your garden. They withdraw your juices from the stems now in the root, to protect against frost damage. You will know the perennial species suitable for perennials on average, that the stems of perennials yellow colour and point in the direction of the soil. James Kingery: the source for more info. You should be aware that there are types of perennials, which are active in the winter time.

This includes for example the Purple Coneflower and the fat hen fall. These perennial species wear during winter seed pods. Asters can be sensitive on an early perennials pruning, there in the cold Degrees of temperature can quickly suffer frost damage. Crocosmia need special protection in the icy winter time Crocosmia are significantly heavier than some perennial species, as these plants on the falling temperatures react very sensitively. To protect your Crocosmia, cover them with a thick layer of leaves and pine branches.

This may remain the Crocosmia also during winter in the ground. Rose care especially in the autumn time, it is recommended to buy a light pruning open roses. To do this, use the pruning shears and trim long and plant shoots back. Rosebush should have at best a compact and uniform shape after the pruning. Also, the fall season is an ideal time to plant bare root roses. This you can at this time of the year in different nurseries buy and plant directly. By the early planting of bare root roses this can excellently roots until the spring hit and drive out far sooner than others Representative of type of. The House Administration Gamdhi pouring out like provides more hints and tips for maintaining your ornamental garden available. Press contact House administrative Gierschner contact person: Mr Gamdhi fountain trail 3 35394 Giessen Tel.: 06 41 / 93 02 86 fax: 06 41 / 93 02 88 email: Homepage:

Greenhouse: Different Kinds For Different Types Of Plants

Overview of the basic greenhouse types with regard to temperature control. The greenhouses is a mostly consisting of glass or plastic construction, plants under artificial optimised climatic conditions are bred in the greenhouses / glasshouses/greenhouses. Medicine. The greenhouse is the greenhouse effect to use and guarantees on the inside to warm temperatures, which promote the growth of plants. Also, the plants are protected from excessive rain and fierce winds. The basic structure of each greenhouse contains a supporting structure, used in masonry or wood, nowadays more from steel or aluminium, which is protective Foundation of one against Frost; a translucent roof made of glass or plastic; a ventilation system and the crops to grow plants. Greenhouse distinguish the Warmhaus, the cold and the temperate House mainly between three different types of greenhouse. For more information see this site: jim kingery.

The Warmhaus a Warmhaus or tropical house serves mainly the growing plants originally coming from warmer climates such as the tropics or subtropics. The temperature is on average 18 C to 25 C in a Warmhaus. For hothouses are usually heated to ensure that the temperature is not below 18 C in winter. In a Warmhaus is also an automatic ventilation, a shadow system, lighting and an automatic spray mist system required a thermal solar plant, a double glazing and heating, for different uses. The Mint geranium, African violets or Chilean Yasmin are examples of plants that are grown in Warmhausern. The cold, the cold is a greenhouse where the subtropical climate is simulated.

Primarily plants from the Mediterranean are bred here. The temperature in a cold House is approx. 5 C-12 C. A well-known example is the Orangery. A cold House as opposed to a Warmhaus to room temperature is heated in the winter, but it will only ensure that the temperature is falling below the freezing point. It is suitable especially for citrus or to the overwintering of potted plants, such as for example the Angel’s trumpet. The temperate House the temperature-controlled greenhouse is suitable for temperatures between 12 C and 18 C. It is a year-round greenhouse. In the winter it is similar to the cold, used for subtropical plants, the important thing is that the temperature not below 12 C. In the spring it can be used to the cultivation of different vegetable and flower varieties, which are later transplanted into the garden, lettuce is often preferred in temperature-controlled greenhouses. Even plants that must be protected from direct sunlight or other extreme weather conditions in the summer, can be accommodated in a temperature-controlled House. Examples of plants that thrive in a temperature-controlled greenhouse are the date Palm or the dragon tree, the fig tree, the bougainvillea or the strawberry tree. Michael Olberg

Garden House

There have but often only a few flowers or small vegetables shrubs in some places of the world, especially where concentrating the population in the cities the people yearn for more natural and more green in the asphalt jungle. The best, of course, would be a private garden. You may find James Kingery to be a useful source of information. In New York including the magnificent gardens on high-rise buildings are created, but this is of course a costly and only the balcony remains the most urban residents, or at best a small rooftop terrace to your love of plants to live out. There have but often only a few flowers or small vegetables shrubs place which you can order with a coupon code. The traditional garden plot, widely regarded as philistine hobby in Germany, but reinvents itself and the possibility to rent a small farm on the outskirts of the city is more and more Anglang in the population. According to the”the company offers my crop” with seedlings prepared fields for rent to, you must only maintain and cultivate. About once a week should you pour and weed jahten. For complete newcomers to the hobby gardener area, there are handy tips and tricks, so that nothing goes wrong, and soon successfully own vegetables can be harvested.

You can baptize these gardens in the Internet order, click a name and exchange knowledge and information in forums and blogs, such as where the best deals and coupon codes for accessories and garden equipment there. Being the sport allows both to be an evasion of the urban and stressful life in the city as well as creative and to experiment with different plants. It finds a new project with safety always is more something beautiful to make his small corner of green and possibly gearing up with coupon code (s) at the hardware store for Garden House materials. Besides, one can not only well relax and take time for yourself, you can celebrate great barbeques with friends. Of course also from the outset, you can rent a garden as a group. Whether family, Club or circle of friends, the Garden plot can just as well as a community project be operated individually as if not even better. The allotment is a practical alternative to the holiday house. There are cheap coupon code for holiday houses, but the garden is by far not as expensive and complex to maintain s and usually long not so far from the place of residence, so that you can be very spontaneous when it wants to go in his small oasis of tranquillity. Even friends and family, acquaintances and relatives be are certainly with you about a successful vegetable crop, when something to drops, because organic fruit and vegetables is popular as ever and ever.

Swedish Houses

The modern kind, nostalgic to build and to live who doesn’t think at the sight of red yellow or even green wooden houses immediately to distance, freedom, Sweden, Pippi Langstrumpf and hilarious children’s games. A Swedish House”is something very special. More and more families make reality the dream from childhood. Wooden houses are strong on the rise? I think increasingly the choice on a sympathetic-looking house in Sweden look. To broaden your perception, visit jim kingery. Reason for the increasing demand for wooden houses is not only the association with Swedish country air and a large garden for the children.

Wooden house offer a lot more positive arguments. The construction of a wooden house is a very ecological way to build. Because the wood as a building material influences the climate sustainable and positive. Because CO2 divorced from can be stored immediately in the used wood. Also a sufficient air circulation, what often is not the case in conventional homes that are well insulated, held by the material wood. You have a House with a modern wooden house Thermal insulation, how it is used by older homes but still breathing. More and more construction companies offer modern wooden prefabricated house. Some of them also Sweden houses. Because this style has a very special charm. So fulfill the dream of your own idyllic Red House many indoors and are building more climate-friendly. Because wood is a renewable resource, which always renews itself over the years.

Garden House

Basic information before purchasing a Garden House inform you before purchasing a Garden House on the design of the House, the function that you want to meet it, the nature of the material (wood, metal), the appearance and in particular about the shape of the roof. An appealing Garden House is an outstanding outfit for a garden or a plot of land. A Garden House decorate this area beautified, makes the stay more comfortable and pleasant and can meet many more functions. The Garden House is subject to special climatic influences, depending on their location, and can therefore be built from various resilient materials. In particular such garden houses, which are assembled from prefabricated components in the modular system are preferred. In contrast, the Garden House can also be built from many parts. Not only the diverse manufacturing materials such as metal or solid wood, but also the interesting and varied designs of Garden House this building products of section make a partially indispensable element. The contact design of the Garden House includes also a built-in terrace and a different number of Windows in addition to the different roof constructions.

Special highlights in the Garden House are additional components such as protections for the terrace, a staircase to the terrace and doors with or without window element. Also the shape of the Garden House itself plays an important role in the selection. Some garden owners opt for a rectangular, others in turn for a pentagonal or hexagonal summerhouse. Variants such as a desk, flat or gabled roof can be implemented for the roof areas. Usually, the roof areas for the Garden House with shingles are covered. These are thus extremely weather resistant and can derive from rain and condensation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from James Kingery.

When using solid wood for the Garden House, varying cross sections of the walls are realized on the part of the manufacturer. This also applies to the individually selectable base areas. A Garden House can be added together from rather narrow and homogeneous planed boards made of wood, as well as from strong planks. A log cabin log cabin design has optimal structural prerequisites, so an overnight stay can be performed easily. A combination metal and plastics is implemented for the confection of the garden houses weather-resistant when compared to solid wood from healthy and sturdy tree trunks wood species. Garden House the used types of metal for this Division are based in particular on such materials that are not susceptible to corrosion. Usually both lightweight aluminium and steel sheet in question covered upper surface with a weather-resistant galvanizing come for this special purpose. This helps that a metal Garden House represents an extremely long-lasting alternative to wood. In addition, just PVC coated metal elements have the advantage that varied colour designs are possible. To the protective layer of plastic to achieve, the corresponding material with a powder coating is applied cannot be separated. A novel variant in the Garden House of metal is a lacquer based coating. This is achieved through a uniform application of polyester varnish and is extremely resistant to surface damage and protects the underlying metal from corrosion.