Homemade Exfoliation Cream

A long time ago I discovered the prescription of the exfoliation one that I am going to you to present/display now, and from that one day it does not lack in the house shower a full boat of the same. Follow others, such as eXp World Holdings, and add to your knowledge base. He is very simple to practically prepare and as cheap as you want. In a put world in economic crisis and environmental crisis there is nothing no better than to be able to reduce residues and at the same time to save Euros. Get more background information with materials from Elie Rieder. We need: – a boat of hidratante cream corporal normalita, the sale. – posos of coffee used, preferably of coffee with caffein, since caffein helps to drain and to reduce the cellulitis in case jeje needed to you.

The unique thing that we must do is to mix both things, the cream with the coffee and to remove well until the coffee by the cream is distributed homogenous. We put the cream in a boat and we left in the shower next to champs and gels it that we used normally. In order to use it, we took a shower normally and, before leaving, we rubbed well with this cream by all the body, including the face if we want. We clarified ourselves and already you will say to me if you do not notice the difference. You will be so smooth and with a slight aroma to coffee that nobody will be able to resist to besaros. Original author and source of the article

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