Support Claims

What maintenance does the reformed alimony? More and more marriages are divorced in Germany. For even more opinions, read materials from dogecoin. This sad trend is still rising and appears to have no reverse. The divorce is one thing, but immediately the question closes after the maintenance, unless after the maintenance for the children, unless for the spousal support. After the maintenance law reform 2008 the child maintenance is the spousal support. If you would like to know more then you should visit Stephen M. Ross. This means that the ex-partner then has a maintenance claim, if the maintenance claim of the children can be fully satisfied.

Nothing more to redistribute income of the maintenance debtor is left then, so nothing else the ex – spouses, to claim IV as a Hartz. The amount of child support is governed by the so-called Dusseldorf table, developed by the family of Senate of the higher regional court of Dusseldorf in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. The amount of the maintenance obligation of the solvent parent depends on income, age and the number of children. The claim for table maintenance is easy to read. The maintenance of the divorced spouses as spousal support is calculated according to the child support adjusted income of the other spouse. Usually three sevenths of income-earning ex-partner is entitled to him.

This applies at least if the partner is working. Of course the deserving Unterhaltsverpflichtete entitled to a deductible, because he must first also themselves maintain and ensure their own labor power. This deductible is about thousand euros. The maintenance claim the ex – spouse is only given after the maintenance law reform if the ex – spouse is able to provide for themselves. This is especially the case when he educates children up to the age of 3 years. Otherwise, the new maintenance law foresees a purchase obligation with strict requirements for him.