The main significance of the choice of costume has its quality. It is better to have a bit expensive and intelligently chosen things that will last you a long time and have a good view. Below are the basic rules of wearing the suit: the bottom button vest and single-breasted jacket never fastened, but always wear double-breasted jacket is fully buttoned-breasted suit without a vest with two buttons fastened only on the top button, a suit with three buttons or the middle or on the top two if a man allows himself to remove his jacket, especially in the presence of ladies, not asking permission, it will be perceived as a serious violation of the rules of propriety cuff shirts should protrude from under the sleeve of his jacket around 1.5 cm with a suit worn only a shirt with long sleeves in warm weather at the office instead of a jacket you can wear a vest is not worth putting on a striped suit shirt or tie strip width of the tie should be related to wide lapels dress properly knotted tie wide end overlaps the belt pants about 2 cm ideal site for the everyday business suit – half "Windsor", for more formal occasions, "Windsor" into the outer pocket of his jacket falls just a silk scarf into the inner breast pocket of his jacket put only a thin day planner, small wallet with credit cards, handle in the side pockets of his jacket you can put your business cards and the usual handkerchief in the side pockets of trousers worn coins and housekeeper, in the back – only wallet trouser belt should be simple and elegant, of high-quality skin the color of shoes, belt width is usually 3 cm belt – one with a belt width, and one color with the other metal parts of your toilet (watches, buckles on the portfolio ) socks must be chosen from natural fibers in a thin suit or black. Their length should be sufficient so that when you sit, legs not to denude the business style – only shoes of leather dark colors on the laces and thin soles (about this shoe ) get Accessories that match your situation: good expensive pen, lighter and cigarette case (if you smoke), elegant glasses with expensive cover, a leather attache case or briefcase. You may want to visit Clayton Morris to increase your knowledge. Purse, backpacks and bags "on her shoulder – not for business person does not overdo jewelry