Who Will Be the Prize?

You must make yourself into the prize of the room. She wants a man that is the envy of others, she can boast of you to his friends. This is where social proof, which is also the story goes where ALPHA QUALITIES fall, arrogant and funny, but not pleading. So turn on the switch # 4 is to show all other qualities of CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP, authority and popularity.

5. This is a big world and we all feel alone in it, so if you can demonstrate that you understand it and know where it comes from she will feel chemistry for you. That largely can be done by demonstrating the cultural, mental, emotional, world view, knowledge of life and mood or substantive similarities. The more obscure and rare a trait is connected between the two, more chemistry there. So the switch # 5 and will be demonstrating that MICA QUA between the two. 6. You need an aura of mystery and depth.

Maybe you should show a vulnerable or sensitive side of yourself, you should not give everything for free, you must learn to be a puzzle that she wants to understand and perhaps have a wound that she wants to heal. The switch # 6 and your aura will attract DEPTH and MYSTERY. 7. You show that you’re not a funny guy, but sexual. This is where social proof comes too, also demonstrating an understanding of their world (by showing that you like for what it is). So the switch # 7’re demonstrating that you are desperate and acknowledge that there is something special about her that you love. Here is where QUALIFYING is useful, in other words, you show that you like for what it is, so you’re a player. So I think these are the main switches. I am open to corrections and additions. Now, if you can use these, she really is going to feel attracted to you. This is a solid game. I love to see another list of switches. If you do not know how to approach a woman, or how to talk, or how to get your phone number. and learn the techniques that most successful men used the most beautiful women. Learn them and you also seduce any woman. Do you think this is all you need to learn? ! Nothing is more false than ESOA are viewing only the tip of the iceberg.