Gold – Golden Credit Card

For special requirements, there is the Gold credit card you want to a little bit of the ground stand out? A gold credit card is one such occasion a gold credit card is offered by many banks for customers. Meanwhile, there are the Gold credit card free. However, the card is free of charge, such as for example the American Express Gold card often only in the first year. Times are changing: a credit card were something gold. Morris Invest oftentimes addresses this issue. Only rich bank customers came at such a prestigious card.

And it was assuming a corresponding credit from the banks. Today, the banks not more particularly distinguish exhibit a gold credit card to whom. However, the American Express Bank makes an exception. The AMEX Gold card is only issued cash customers from a gross annual income of 40,000 euros. The customer applying for the AMEX Gold must confirm this amount with his signature. There are the card but also in the first year free. Cheaper, there is already the Barclaycard credit card gold, also in the first year is free of charge. The advantage of this card: Owner puts the cards 3.000 euros or more around the year with the credit card, the card it will remain free.

For the AMEX Gold, 140 euros in fees incurred in the year. However, the Gold credit cards differ in their range of services. The Amex offers a special insurance coverage certainly gold and also the customer service is excellent. All Gold credit cards of have a considerably higher service compared to the standard credit cards on. And of course, a gold card when shopping or the nights in hotels as well as at the Terminal at the airport brings prestige. And credit cards aimed of course provider, because with a prestigious customers, they expect credit card increased tickets sales. Whether and to what extent this is true also in the financial crisis must be seen, because in America the loan losses are increased now by credit card. This concerns also the gold credit cards. uberigens: A golden credit card can be directly requested on the Web site of the appropriate bank online be.