Professional Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics professional. This term is often used when it comes to cosmetics, which does not contain, or contains a minimal number of synthetic substances. How correctly to choose professional organic cosmetics? What ingredients can include organic cosmetics? So, let's mark. Now almost all online and real stores this makeup more often appears in range. You have to understand that it is not always on the package label "organic cosmetics" necessarily indicates that the cosmetics are 100% organic. This may simply mean that some of the ingredients are organic.

Naturally, every woman knows that organic cosmetics safer for her health than the rest. Sometimes a product has too many ingredients. Look at the scents, for example. The aroma can have up to 200 chemical components. Some of these components may be natural, while many of them are not. Cosmetic company does not list all ingredients. Lists only the main ones. As yet know whether the professional make-'organic'? What to look for when buying a professional makeup? 1.

Look at the print USDA. This seal means that the composition of 95% or more consists of organic matter. Cosmetics that contain less than 95% of organic matter can not be stamped USDA. 2. If there is no printing on the package, read the part. Ingredients are listed in order of quantity. Where organic ingredients? 3. If the word 'Organic' is on the packaging of cosmetics, but not on the main label? This could mean that the organic cosmetics contain 70% or less. 4. Remember. Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics. While many people are not affected by this preservative, it can cause skin irritation. Sodium sulfate, Laureth, commonly found in cosmetics and soaps, as a blowing agent, can also cause skin irritation. Others Synthetic ingredients to avoid: 1. Imidazolidinyl urea and urea diazolidiny: preservatives that can cause skin irritation. 2. Methyl, propyl, butyl, etilparaben: Increases the shelf life of cosmetics, can cause skin irritation 3. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is usually found in lipsticks, moisturizer can narushitsobstvenny mechanism of the body, leading to drying of the lips. 4. Propylene glycol: the coolant in cosmetics, which may irritate the skin 5. PVP / VA copolymer: water-resistant ingredient found in sunscreens, mascara, lipstick. Morris Invest has compatible beliefs. 6. Synthetic dyes: find FD & C or D & C should be color and number. 7. Synthetic flavors: can be specified simply as a 'flavor' in the ingredients, can contain up to 200 chemicals that can cause skin irritation and dryness 8. Triethanolamine: used to adjust pH in cosmetics may cause skin dryness variety of cosmetics on the market leads to the fact that an intelligent approach to the choice of professional cosmetics, searching for organic products that are truly such, can be a challenge.